eCommerce at UMKC

Pricing Considerations:


eCommerce Services at UMKC are provided by Information Services in conjunction with the Cashier's Office and Accounting Services.

Revenue transfers will be processed approximately 8-10 weeks after the event registration closes.

Because of the processing fees charged by the credit card companies and the bank, we cannot provide an accurate total to be transferred until all the statements have been received. Below is a rough pricing structure.


General Pricing Considerations:

  1. RegOnline Based Paid Events - If the user is required to pay a fee to register for the event, UMKC Information Services will charge the department 1% of the total fees collected. No fees will be charged for form setup.
  2. Custom eCommerce Applications - Departments will be charged $75/hr for all development work.


Additional Considerations:

  • RegOnline charges a 0.97% transaction fee for processing credit cards. This fee is assessed per registration.
  • RegOnline charges a $3.95 fee per registration.
  • The banking provider used by the UM system charges an approximately 2.5% fee for credit card processing. Please note that this fee is separate and in addition to the RegOnline fee above.
  • Conference registration fees will be deposited into a general account; once the registration closes and all of the fees have been assessed, the revenue will be transferred and credited to the MoCode provided by the department. Transfers are typically done by the 10th of every month.
  • Departments that are interested in developing regular or recurring custom applications may also want to request their own merchant account. Please contact John Layman ( for details.