Spam and Junk Mail Frequently Asked Questions


Junk email, also known as spam, can be an incredible frustration for email users. The junk email process starts when a commercial entity (or several) learns of your University email account. The mass mailers then sell your email account to other commercial entities and before long, dozens of mass mailers are sending you spam. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about junk mail and spam.

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What can I do about spam?

You can send email you suspect to be junk, spam, or phishing to as an attachment. Please do not simply forward the email or important information will be lost. The Abuse mailbox is monitored to help improve the performance of spam filtering.

How do I use automatic junk email filtering?

Junk email filtering is available to all University email users on an “opt-out” basis. Junk email filtering does not block junk email, but delivers it to a special folder in your mailbox. This allows you to periodically check the Junk Email folder for messages that may be spam. This feature can be adjusted and turned off in Outlook.

Where can I find more resources on spam and junk mail?

How do I get help?

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