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Emeritus College Board Members

Bibie Chronwall Founding Dean
Emeriti Board Members
Linda Edwards Initial Board
Nancy Mills Initial Board
Charles Wurrey Initial Board
Jakob Waterborg Webmaster
Betsy Beasley Member 2016
Linda Voigts Member 2017
Denis Medeiros Member 2017
Jennifer Martin Member 2017
Deborah O'Bannon Member 2019
Representative Board Members
Candace Schlein FaCET
Denis Medeiros UMKCRA
Bonnie Postlethwaite University Libraries
Diane Filion Provost Liaison
No representative Faculty Senate 2018  

Role of the Emeritus College Board
  • The Board provides input into activities of the College, membership, allocation of resources and programming.
  • The Initial Board assists the dean in implementing the Emeritus College.
  • Members of the Board chair the various committees established such as
      bylaws development,
      communications, and

The Bylaws specify that the Board shall consist of not more than 14 members; shall be selected from as many academic units as possible; shall include key constituents such as the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching (FaCET), Miller Nichols Library, Cockefair Chair, and UMKC Retirees Association (UMKCRA); shall include ex-officio members of the Women's Center, Office of the Provost, and the UMKC Faculty Senate; shall be drawn from the membership of the UMKC-EC; and shall be appointed by the dean.

Members serve a 2 year term and may be re-appointed to a second 2-year term. To facilitate continuity, the terms of the original members shall overlap; the Dean shall establish initial staggered terms of service.
In case of a vacancy on the Board, the Dean shall appoint a substitute to fill out the term. The substitute would remain eligible for appointment to a full term.

The initial EC Board was appointed by the Provost, Fall 2013.