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Early Career Faculty Travel Awards

      The Emeritus College of UMKC dedicates the proceeds of its dues- and donation-funded endowment to support Early Career Faculty. These are faculty who are early in their career at UMKC, typically tenure-track.
      Awards will be made annually on a competitive basis to support travel to conferences, meetings, collaborations and projects, that will enhance networking and faculty contacts and that will directly support the career development of UMKC faculty.

      In November 2018, a campaign was started, asking retired and current faculty of UMKC for donations. The earnings of the endowment will be distributed annually as Early Career Faculty Travel Awards.
      The campaign letter reminds faculty how much relatively small amounts of financial support for travel have been beneficial for the development of their own career, to gain tenure, and to become a better, more accomplished faculty member.
      As a result of budget pressures, this type of small, often matched, support to allow travel to conferences or in support of projects and collaborations, has dried up.
The Emeritus College hopes through its endowment to provide some of this type of support. The campaign seeks to increase the availability of travel funds to help more faculty to become successful.
      Additional donations for this campaign can be made On-Line through the UMKC Foundation website.
      Donations and Donors are listed on the Donations page.

  Yearly, competition for Early Career Faculty Travel Awards will be announced.
  • Application criteria, the description of the application process, application deadline, an On-Line application process, and the award date will be provided.
  • The Emeritus College expects to open its first award cycle on January 1, 2019
    for 2 grants of $500 each, with funds availability by June 1, 2019.
  • In each yearly award cycle, eligible UMKC faculty members can only submit a single application for travel and related funds.

  • To START, EDIT or COMPLETE an application for the 2019 award process, click this Early Career Faculty Travel APPLICATION link.