UMKC Electronic Mail Student Policy


The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) provides e-mail for use to its students and encourages the appropriate use of e-mail by students to further their educational goals. As a condition of access, all use of UMKC resources must accord with all laws, University policy, University contracts, and any policies specific to a resource utilized.

Each student, upon being admitted, is issued an UMKC e-mail account with an address on the domain. This is the account used for University business and official University communications to students via e-mail. Students are expected to regularly check their UMKC account for University communications and are responsible for communications sent to this account. Students may use their UMKC e-mail account at their discretion for personal use as long as the usage is in compliance with the University's Acceptable Use Policy (110.005).

Forwarding e-mail to a personal account is at the student's discretion. Students must keep in mind that UMKC e-mail may be more secure than another e-mail system and for security purposes, the University will only identify a student's UMKC e-mail account when communicating information to a student.

If a student withdraws completely from all coursework, their e-mail account will be disabled if the student is not registered for a future term. Student e-mail accounts are routinely disabled 30 days after the first day of classes (summer excluded) if the student is not registered for the current or any future term. Prior to a student e-mail account being disabled, an e-mail will be sent to the account informing the student that the account is to be disabled. Students who desire to have their account access extended due to extenuating circumstances (study abroad, medical leave, etc.) may request an extension by replying to the e-mail. Exceptions to e-mail account discontinuation is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Related Policies

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Reporting E-Mail Abuse

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Note: We do not sell or share user information to unrelated third parties for the third parties to use for their own purposes.