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November 5, 1996 (Approved 10/15/96)

3:00 PM Jean Braun called the meeting to order.

3:05 Minutes of October 15, 1996 were approved as written.

Intercampus Faculty Council Meeting Report

1. Common Calendar: The issue remains of how to deal with Rolla and its “floating” St. Patrick’s Day holiday celebration The Chancellor has asked the Faculty Senate to consider moving spring break from the 8th week to the 9th week of school in 1998. In 1999, spring break will begin on March 22nd.
2. Grievance Procedure & the Definition of Voting faculty: By changing the Collected Rules and Regulations for the Grievance Procedure, the IFC accidentally disenfranchised non-regular faculty from the process. This was an oversight. President Mel George would like to appoint a committee to rectify this problem by redefining the status in the regulations instead of handling its definition campus by campus. Non-regular faculty status affects three or four subcategories of full-time voting faculty.
3. Sexual Orientation: There needs to be action taken on each campus stating what its recommendation is concerning the sexual orientation policy as it appears in the student handbook. Our senate has written its recommendation and Jean Braun will deliver it to the IFC after the November presidential election. UMC has sent in its recommendation already.
4. The Status of Tenure: The future of tenure was discussed at the IFC meeting. One question concerns whether or not the post-tenure review should be a different process from the annual faculty review. There is a trend for the probation period to be extended as to when one goes up for tenure. For example, if you apply for a patent, that process delays tenure because the professor can’t publish the patent until it’s approved. Also, an institution will have patents delayed for publication in an effort to protect the investment of the patent.
5. Health Care Issues: Jean will report to the IFC the untimely manner in which UMKC received printed information on health care options. In addition, the cover letter was confusing and some of the information was not included in the initial packet. Many senators expressed their disappointment on the health care choices and many felt that UMC benefits people misrepresented the information. For instance, we were told that in many cases, the choice of primary care physicians has increased 100%. This is not so. Many people have not received packets as of yet.
6. UM Presidential search: Dr. Mel George reported that there are many university presidential vacancies right now so the pool of candidates is shallow. Five hundred letters were sent out. Dr. George wants a candidate who can ably deal with the state legislature. The IFC will be involved in interviews next spring.
7. CBHE Meeting: There was a regional forum for a budget recommendation and the legislature is looking favorably upon it. There is a recommended four million dollars for endowed chairs. Governor Carnahan doesn’t agree that the endowed chairs program is an ongoing commitment on his part. There was a 10% capital budget increase and a salary increase recommendation of 3.5%.
8. Faculty Leaves: A preliminary study on the types faculty leave taken campus-wide showed a large differential for leaves among the 4 campuses. UMKC came in very low in 1996. One percent of its faculty took a leave of absence. UMR had 2.5%, UMC and UMSL had a 6% leave rate. The report did not explain any relation to requesting a leave and not getting a leave. The report broke out the leaves by types: 3.5% sabbaticals, 1.75% research, .5% developmental and “other” type leaves. In 1996, UMKC had 0% sabbaticals .5% in research, .5% in developmental leave, and 4% in “other” types of leaves. The initial purpose of the study was to discover the compatibility for faculty exchange programs. It was noted that UMKC does not have a maternity leave policy. The Senate can pursue information concerning leaves and why it is that our percentage of faculty leaves is so low compared to the other campuses.

Faculty Senate Committee Reports

Administrative Issues:
Barbara Glesner-Fines reported that the packets for administrators and deans evaluations were received and are ready to be sent out.

Faculty Welfare:
Safety Committee and Affirmative Action Committee: Valerie Blanco will send Barbara Glesner-Fines the names of those willing to replace Barbara on the Safety Committee and the Affirmative Action Committee.

Academic Issues:
The committee has not met. It will meet on November 19th to address the English proficiency issue. Hans Uffelmann would like to discuss it as IFC since there is only one more meeting before the December 8th deadline for recommendations. The Ad Hoc committee on English proficiency meets on Monday (November 14th) so it can forward a memo to our IFC representatives before the next IFC meeting.

4:00 Discussion with the Chancellor:

1. Administrative Systems discussion: System registrars have made a recommendation to the General Officers to replace the current system. The campus financial and human resources systems also need replacing. IBM consultants were present at the meeting to advise the general officers as to what is available and what is needed for the UM system.
2. Library Directors meeting: A report on the new five year library technology plan was given. So far, $4.3 million dollars have been invested in libraries for technology systems. The campuses contributed $6.4 million (one time and rate) and are committed to a $1 million recurring money and $1 million non-recurring funds. The vision is the creation of a “virtual library” with a central core known as an “information commons”. The virtual library will have a global presence. Phase I of the plan was finished in the first five year plan. These “Information Commons” within each library will develop internal and external partnerships with other institutions and enhance the technological and research skills of faculty and students. A financial plan was submitted for the new plan.

3. There will be a one day curators board meeting on December 13th. It will be in Columbia.

A. Planning docket: Goals of the Curators and President George.
B. Restore growth in research: UMKC’s number of federal research grants is going up but why is the number going down on the other campuses?
C. Development of a Policy Center: What are we duplicating in the way of policy creation among the four campuses? Can we bring this information together in a central framework? There will be three faculty members from each campus to serve on a committee to discuss this topic.
D. CBHE Mission Enhancement Initiative: There will be a retreat in January for the Chancellors. Since proposition B failed, CBHE wants to establish a mission enhancement plan to procure additional monies for campuses. The Chancellors need overall direction from Mel George on this.
E. Fee recommendations: Fees will be within HEPE standards.
F. ADA and Learning Disabilities: A current revision effort is underway for incorporating the learning disabled aspect of that act into university policy. The Chancellor will share that document with the Senate. In addition, documents will be made available on services to disabled.
G. Future-Exceptions to the Admissions Policy: The policy will be reviewed to determine its consistency.
H. Health Care: The Senate is displeased that UMC would not send written information in advance of their meeting with the Senate. The Chancellor and Jean Braun will conduct a conference call with Ken Hutchinson to discuss our campuses’ continuing problems. What UMC representative said we would get did not pan out.

UMKC buildings: renovation, new construction: Dr. Joseph Doerr

Dr. Doerr gave an extensive overview of new construction and renovation on campus.


1. Steamline project: Begins April 1996-ends April 1997; $3,852,912. This involves placing steamlines to Miller Nichols Library, the School of Pharmacy, the new Science and Technology building, the School of Education, the Bloch School of Business, the Law School, and Grant Hall. These lines would connect back in case something happens to the line. Since the ground was already open for the new science and Technology building, it made sense to improve the steamline in the other buildings as well.
2. Utility package: Begins October 1996-ends May 1997, $1,640,826.
This project will extend telecommunication lines to Cockefair Hall. and the Administration Center.
3. Administration Center: Begins November 1996-ends March 1997, $1,687,273 This building will house the following offices: Student Financial Aid, Admissions, Registration, Office Systems, Cashiers, Alumni Trust/Grants, Financial Services, Human Resources, and Faculty Senate.

In the Planning Stage:

1. Science and Technology Building (5 floors): Begins March 1997-ends December 1998, $29,900,000.
2. Residence Hall: Begins May 1997-ends August 1997, $2,500,000.
3. Haag, Royall Hall and Geosciences: Begins August 1997-ends August 1999, $6,970,000.
4. Pharmacy/Nursing: $34,430,000.
5. Dental School: $17,712,500.
6. Lab Animal Center and Chemical Storage: $1,774,500.
7. Parking 32S (Demolition and surfacing): $700,000.
8. Twin Oaks: UMKC is considering the purchase of Twin Oaks at a future time. The building is degenerating and it may benefit the campus to buy it and improve the building.
9. Land Acquisition: Hospital Hill; planning is in progress that involves some demolition, improved parking, and additional future housing. Volker; planning involves some demolition, improved parking, future housing, and athletic fields.
10. Towers: Sprint will place a tower on the Truman Campus and then lease access from UMKC. The Kansas City Police Department is leasing access to our radio tower to overcome the problems it’s having in its new radio system. This will continue as long as it doesn’t interfere with UMKC’s radio transmissions. A Skytel tower is also under consideration.
11. Dr. Doerr’s office is also considering an “IT” route to Plaza South; the possible purchase of the building at 5000 East 50th; using Menorah for future housing; construction of an auditorium; and the checking on the condition of all underground fuel tanks.

5:00pm Adjournment

Present: Greg Arling, Valerie Blanco, Jean Braun, Les Chafetz, Julie Cheslik, Robert Cleary, Ray Coveney, Rafael Espejo-Saavedra, William Frederickson, Barbara Glesner-Fines, Rich Hamilton, David Harris, Joseph Hughey, Steve Krantz, Kathy Loncar, James McKinley, Janet McKinney, Ed Mills, Dennis, Pyszczynski, Jerry Place, David Schwarzer, Khosrow Sohraby, Nancy Stancel, Hans Uffelmann, Jakob Waterborg, David Yourtee

Excused: Jane Carl, John Rapley, Jan Russell, David Schwarzer

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy D. Stancel
Secretary, Faculty Senate

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