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March 18, 1997 (Approved with corrections 4/1/97)

3:05 Minutes of January 21, 1997 were approved as written.


Kathy Loncar: Team UMKC and the Corporate Challenge; The Senate has not promoted this event in the past and most faculty members do not participate in the Corporate Challenge. Kathy suggested that the Senate lend our sponsorship and support this activity. If a faculty member doesn’t wish to participate in the games, volunteers are always needed to help arrange and monitor the games. All of the events will be held in May and June. Kathy also announced that Fulbright Scholarship applications are due by August 1, 1997. She distributed a handout which explains the Fulbright program.
Jerry Place mentioned that there was an excellent article concerning faculty tenure issues in the February 7, 1997 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education. The title of the article is “Thawing the Cold War over Tenure”.
Jean Braun announced that there will be two sets of focus groups held this next month on the UMKC campus. The focus groups will be managed by a consulting firm that will address changes that need to be made to university management information systems. The consulting group is anxious to meet with our Faculty Senate as a separate focus group. This meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 25th, from 3:00-4:30 in the Alumni Room (University Center). The meeting will focus on student service processes and will last approximately ninety minutes. This meeting is strictly for senators and the senate officers will send reminder e-mail and phone messages to senators with the meeting information.
Jean announced that we have a new University of Missouri President. He is Dr. Manuel Pacheco who is currently the president of the University of Arizona. He will take office in August of this year. The Kansas City Star article noted background information on Dr. Pacheco. He has an extensive higher education administration background, but he does not have experience in a multi-campus system. One of his strengths is his ability to deal with a state legislature. The UM Faculty Consultative Committee received high praise for their ability to represent faculty concerns. The IFC suggested that Dr. Pacheco meet in a formal manner with each faculty on individual campuses. Jean suggested that senators take a look at the University of Arizona’s web page because the faculty members on that campus have been heavily engaged in tenure issue debates.

Business Meeting:

Campus Committees: Jean Braun distributed an information sheet on the Campus Committee on Review of Tenured Faculty, which she abstracted from the Collected Rules and Regulations of the university. Les Chafetz noted that this committee and the committee referred to in Chancellor's Memorandum #77 appear to have identical function. He said it would be useful to ask Dr. Mendoza to explain how these are expected to operate. He noted that Interim President George had asked for consideration of an ombudsman function. There is an ombudsman at UMKC; however, this function deals with resolving problems between students and faculty. He inferred that UM Administration was looking for an ombudsman that might help mediate disputes between faculty and administration. Jerry Place commented that an understanding of campus committees and how they operate would be useful in light of post-tenure review issues. These issues may lead to more activity on part of faculty so it is important to crystallize committee charges and procedures. Jean Braun stated that these issues will be referred to the Faculty Senate Administrative Affairs Committee to address a possible need for a "committee on committees".
Senators wanted to know if we can get a printed version of the strategic plan prior to the meeting with the Chancellor on April 1st. At the April 1st meeting she will give the same presentation that was done for the deans and directors. The vice-chancellors will attend the senate meeting as well to discuss aspects of strategic planning. Senate officers will see if they can get a copy of the strategic plan prior to the April 1st meeting. Kathy Loncar commented that student housing and increased enrollment will be the emphasis of the strategic plan and senators should ask questions concerning this focus. Senators are interested in learning how this emphasis blends with the goal of obtaining a status of a research level II institution.
Bill Fredrickson and Jan Russell brought up the topic of exceptions to admission policies and fees. It would be of interest to the Senate to hear how the Admissions Office deals with these exceptions. Past-President Russell put into affect the “10%” limit on exceptions to out-of-state fees. Who decides which applicants are awarded the in-state fee status? This policy is detrimental to the Kansas City and St. Louis campuses which attract students from cities that straddle, or are in close proximity to state lines. It was suggested that Pat Hovis be invited to talk to the Senate about graduate Admissions policies.

The following items were suggested for discussion topics at the Board of Curators Breakfast that will be held in Kansas City in May:

1. 10% exception in enrollment policy
2. Retirees were promised a raise prior to Russell’s leaving? Will this occur?
3. The Constitution and the charge of search committees

Adjourned 4:30 P.M.

Present: Valerie Blanco, Jean Braun, Les Chafetz, Ray Coveney, Rafael Espejo-Saavedra, Alfred Esser, William Fredrickson, Rich Hamilton, Joseph Hughey, Kathy Loncar, Ed Mills, Jerry Place, Dennis Pyszczynski, Khosrow Sohraby, Nancy Stancel, Jakob Waterborg

Excused: Greg Arling, Jane Carl, Julie Cheslik, Robert Cleary, Barbara Glesner-Fines, David Harris, Steve Krantz, James McKinley, Janet McKinney, Gary Pettett, Jan Russell, David Schwarzer, Hans Uffelmann, David Yourtee

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy D. Stancel
Secretary, Faculty Senate

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