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September 16, 1997

(Approved with corrections 10/7/97)

3:05pm The Chair called the meeting to order.

The minutes of September 2, 1997 were approved with corrections.


Grievance Panel: The Senate needs to fill the position on the Grievance Panel left vacant by the retirement of Merton Shatzkin from the Conservatory of Music.

Lot 24w: The parking lot west of Oak Street will have an attendant from 8:00am to 4:30pm weekdays. All visitors to the Administrative Center including Faculty Senators should use Lot 24w and have the ticket from the gate machine validated before leaving the building. Parking is now managed by the Parking and Traffic Committee headed by Colin Gage. There are issues related to parking on campus which are not yet resolved including the appropriate procedures for guest parking on campus, and the need for employees to park at locations other than the one for which they have a permit. A new edition of the Campus Parking Regulations should be issued soon. Vice Chancellor Doerr is aware of these problems and will be working with the Parking and Traffic Committee to resolve them. The Chair of the Senate will continue to represent the faculty on the Parking and Traffic Committee.

Convocation: Fall Convocation will be held in White Recital Hall this Friday at 3:00pm. The Chancellor will present the final campus-wide strategic plan. The Chair urged all senators to attend the ceremony.

Honorary Degree: President Pacheco has approved the awarding of the Doctor of Humane Letters to Mrs. Martha Jane Starr at the Mid-Year Commencement in December.

New Senators: Several units will be electing a new senator to replace senators whose terms have expired, including the Libraries, the School of Pharmacy, and the School of Business.


Notice of Appreciation: The Senate offers this formal statement of gratitude to Past Chair Jean Braun for her exemplary service to the Senate. The following motion was passed unanimously:

The Faculty Senate of UMKC herewith recognizes, appreciates, and expresses its gratitude to Professor Jean Braun, for her excellent and effective service as a member and chair of both this body and the IFC during the past several years. Her work on behalf of the faculty on this campus and the university as a whole are exemplary, and we wish her continued success in her work.

Honorary Degree Submission: The Senate considered a nomination for a second second honorary degree to be awarded at the Mid-year Commencement. The nomination came from the Bloch School of Business and Public Administration. The Senate reviewed the dossier of the nominee and approved the nomination.

There was a lengthy discussion of the procedures for nominating and approving honorary degree candidates. The senators expressed concern that the Senate is not given enough time to review the candidates' dossiers. The issue was referred to the Senate's Academic Issues committee. This committee will develop a timeline for the nomination of degree candidates that builds into the established procedure the necessary time for the Senate to consider each candidate.

Information Packets: Each senator was given an information packet which contained meeting schedules, committee lists, and other documents which senators will need throughout the year. The schedules and Senate procedures for the year were discussed.

Executive Order #3:The senators were given a copy of Executive Order #3 (previously known as Executive Order #22) was signed in July by then Interim President Mel George. This Executive Order was issued in response to the concern of employees about the content of the university system's equal opportunity statement.

Information Technology Executive Council: This council was formed by the Chancellor over the summer. The Chair of the Faculty Senate has a permanent seat on the Council. The council's first task is to develop a master plan for technology for the campus. The Chair and others expressed a concern that during the development of the master plan the faculty needed more representation than one person could provide. A motion was made and approved that the ITEC should immediately seat two additional faculty members, with full voting privileges, to be drawn from the Faculty Senate. The Chair will convey the request to the council. If the council agrees to the seating of two additional representatives then Jan Russell from the School of Nursing and Jerry Place from the Computer Science and Telecommunications Program will serve as the additional representatives from the Senate. As a result of further discussion of the development of the technology master plan, a second motion was made and passed that we convey to the Chancellor that the Senate, on behalf of the entire faculty, should examine and approve the technology master plan before it is implemented.


Present: Greg Arling, Valerie Blanco, Les Chafetz, Robert Cleary, Ray Corveney, Alfred Esser, Raphael Espejo-Saavedra, William Fredrickson, Barbara Glesner Fines, Robert Groene, Joseph Hughey, Steve Krantz, Kathy Loncar, Janet McKinney, Ed Mills, Jerry Place, Dennis Pyszczynski, Jan Russell, Khosrow Sohraby, Nancy Stancel, Hans Uffelmann, Jakob Waterborg.

Excused: Julie Cheslik, Charles Cobb, Rich Hamilton, James McKinley, Tony Manzo, Gary Pettett, Don Thibeault, David Yourtee.

Note: The Secretary will not report unexcused absences until October. The Senate roster for this academic year should be complete by then.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy D. Stancel

UMKC Faculty Senate