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October 7, 1997

(Approved 10/21/97)

3:00pm The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Kathy Loncar.

The minutes of September 16, 1997 were approved with minor corrections.

Announcements: Pat McSwegin, a professor from the School of Education, passed away on October 1, 1 997. Memorial services were held on October 3rd and 4th at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Overland Park, Kansas. Prior to her death, Pat had arranged for a memorial scholarship to be established in her name. Colleagues wishing to contribute to the scholarship can pick up a donation envelope from the Dean's Office in the School of Education.

The Faculty Senate will appoint a senator to serve on the search committee for the position of Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. The Senate has also been asked to nominate two persons for each of the four sub-committees preparing the NCAA accreditation. One person from each pair will be selected to serve on the committee. NCAA accreditation begins in December, 1997 and will continue for the next 14 months.

Ed Mills, from the School of Education will serve as Interim Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate until the next election of senate officers. The position of Vice Chair became vacant on June 1, 1997 when Kathy Loncar became Chair, following the resignation of Jean Braun. The Chair thanked Ed for his willingness to take on the extra responsibility.

Health care issues will be on the agenda for the October 21, 1997 meeting, The system-wide oversight committee has met recently and there will probably be some changes in health care choices which faculty must be informed about before the up-coming enrollment period.

Discussion with Chancellor

Campus-Wide Strategic Plans - Chancellor Schwartz reviewed the campus-wide strategic plan which she announced at Convocation on September 19, 1997. The final plan was developed after a careful review of the strategic plans from each of the academic units and the four divisions of central administration. Common themes and initiatives that run throughout all of the plans were identified. These themes and initiatives evolved into the nine strategic initiatives which will define the direction UMKC will take in the next few years.

Major Efforts for UMKC in 1 997-98 - In keeping with the campus-wide strategic plans, there are two major efforts which will begin during this academic year. The first year of the mission enhancement funding cycle will be finalized soon. UMKC plans for the mission enhancement funding were aligned closely with the campus strategic initiatives. In addition, the campus will begin a capital funds campaign. Chancellor Schwartz met recently with the UMKC Trustees and they have reviewed and supported the draft of the fund raising plan. The goal for the campaign will be approximately 200 million dollars to be raise over a period of four to six years.

President's Report to CBHE - President Pacheco recently presented a report to the Coordinating Board for Higher Education on the University System's mission enhancement plan. Commissioner Kala Stroup is willing to recommend enhancement funds totaling 15 million for the system. The endowed chairs program will be given 4 million and the remaining 11 million will be given to enhancement efforts on the four campuses. The distribution of the 11 million among the four campuses has not yet been determined.

Discussion with Vice Chancellor Doerr

Campus Master Plans - Vice Chancellor Doerr reported that a steering committee is being formed to guide the development of a campus master plan. This plan will determine and describe what the campus will be like in the next five to ten years. The plan will include such aspects of the physical campus as parking, new buildings, and land acquisition. The steering committee will gather information through discussion with focus groups such as the Faculty Senate, Staff Assembly, student and neighborhood groups. After the focus groups have reported there may be larger "town hall" meetings to share the information widely. The campus master plan will be compared to, and coordinated with, the newly released master plan for the city of Kansas City (FOCUS).

Science and Technology Building - Construction of the new science and technology building is ahead of schedule. The strike did not delay the work at the construction site.

Parking Regulations - All employees will soon receive a copy of the newly revised parking regulations for the campus. The Parking and Traffic Safety Committee will continue to monitor parking on the campus and make recommendations to the Chancellor. The management of parking for guests who visit our campus each year is an on-going challenge. The Missouri Repertory Theater and the many events at the University Center, and Swinney Recreation Center bring more than 100,000 guest on campus each year. The campus shuttle buses are being heavily used this year by students.

Information Technology Executive Council - The ITEC is working on a master plan for technology for our campus. Technology was a major issue in every unit level strategic plan as well as the division plans. The ITEC is made up of representatives from faculty, staff, students, and administration. The masterplan will project and plan for technology development on campus for the next five to ten years. A webpage is being set up for the ITEC so that all interested persons can get up-to-date information and recent minutes.

5:00pm Adjournment

Present: Kathy Loncar, Nancy Stancel, Joseph Hughey, Steve Krantz, Greg Arling, David Yourtee, Ray Coveney, Dennis Pyszczynski, William Fredrickson, Robert Groene, F. Ann Dykas, Barbara Glesner-Fines, Jerry Place, Valerie Blanco

Excused: Les Chafetz, Julie Cheslik, Charles Cobb, James McKinley, Janet McKinney

Absent: Ed Mills, Jan Russell, Nancy Weatherholt, Hans Uffelmann, Alfred Esser, Rafael Espejo-Saavedra, Anthony Manzo, Khosrow Sohraby, Donald Thibeault, Jakob Waterborg.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy D. Stancel,

Secretary, Faculty Senate

UMKC Faculty Senate