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March 10, 1998 (Approved 3/24/98)

3:00PM The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Kathy Loncar.

The minutes of February 3 and February 17, 1998 were approved as written.


Distribution of Minutes

The Senate considered the possibility of changing the procedures for distributing the minutes to the full faculty next year. The Senate may chose to put the full minutes (once approved) on the web site and send only a one page executive summary for each meeting by regular mail. Faculty would be reminded frequently about the availability of the minutes on the web site. A final decision will be made at the next meeting.

Parking Procedures Changes

The Chair distributed a letter which she has sent to the Chancellor on 3/3198. The letter reviewed the Senate's discussion of several issues related to campus parking. In particular, the letter offered the reminder that the Senate was opposed to the use of hangtags as a form of vehicle identification for employees. Subsequently, the Chancellor reported that the use of hangtags was no longer under consideration.

The Chair suggested that as the academic year comes to a close the Senate bring some closure to issues that have been discussed throughout the year. A draft of a set of observations, opinions, and recommendations will be prepared for review by the Senate and presentation to the Chancellor before the end of the semester.

There was a joint meeting on February 24, 1998 between the Intercollegiate Athletic Comnlittee and the Faculty Senate. Participants from the Faculty Senate concurred that the meeting was very useful and helped clarify some of the issues regarding the NCAA Division 1 program. The discussion at this meeting aided in focusing the concerns of the faculty about the athletic program and the budget. The Senate will include some recommendations to the Chancellor on these issues as a part of the end of the year report.

Bookstore Review

Recently a study was done of the management and budget of the UMKC Bookstore. The bookstore is of critical importance to the faculty and students and the Senate will obtain and review a copy of the report and consider what recommendations should be made to the Chancellor recarding the future of the bookstore.

Budget Reviews

The Administrative Issues Committee of the Senate will consider the specifics of our request to the Chancellor to begin annual budget reviews with the Senate.

Hiring of Staff

There was a discussion of the lack of permanent secretaries in some units such as the School of Education. The secretaries who serve the faculty are frequently hired from temp. services, they do not stay in the postion long, and are not familiar with the kind of work they are expected to do. This problem will be referred to the ad hoc committee from Academic Affairs which is reviewing infrastructure needs at UMKC. This discussion broadened to include the need to review the personnel matrix, recent problems with the phone system, and the effect of technology on the work of all emplovees. These issues were referred to the Faculty Welfare Committee of the Senate.


The Chancellor reported that she had received some recommendations from the Parking and Traffic Comnittee that morning. She accepted some of the ideas and rejected others including the use of hangtags. She did approve the change from numbered lots for faculty and staff to universal employee lots. A decision will be made soon regarding the type of vehicle identification used for students.

The Chancellor gave a presentation about the need for more parking and the plans to build a multi-level parking structure in the 5200 block between Rockhill and Charlotte. She distributed a handout which detailed the building and moving schedule for the parking structure and other construction and renovation projects currently in progress. The proposed parking structure is estimated to cost about $7,500 per parking space for about 1500 new spaces. Plans must be made for temporary parking for Royall and Haag Halls during the construction. Construction of the parking facility needs to begin soon and should take about 13-15 months.

Adjourned at 4:35PM.


Present: Greg Arling, Ray Coveney, Ann Dykas, Alfred Esser, William Fredrickson, Barbara Glesner Fines, Robert Groene, Steve Krantz, Kathy Loncar, Janet McKinney, Ed Mills, Jerry Place, Hans Uffelmann, Jakob Waterborg, Nancy Weatherholt.

Absent: Charles Cobb, Rafael Espejo-Saavedra, Ashok Gumbhir, Joseph Hughey, Tony Manzo, Dennis Pyszczynski, Tim Richards, Jan Russell, Khosrow Sohraby, Don Thibeault, David Yourtee.

Excused: Bob Downs, Valerie B. Johnson, Nancy Stancel, Bob Willson

Respectfully submitted by Janet McKinney for Nancy Stancel.

Nancy D. Stancel

Secretary, UMkC Faculty Senate

UMKC Faculty Senate