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April 7, 1998 (Approved 4/21/98)

3:OOPM The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Kathy Loncar.

The minutes of March 24, 1998 were approved as written.


Assistant to the President for Federal Relations

The UM System has hired Steven Knorr (effective March 1) in the position of Assistant to the President for Federal Relations. He will coordinate the university's efforts to seek federal funding. Mr. Knorr will work with Van Scoyoc Associates (located in Washington D.C.), a firm which has been retained by the university system to assist with gaining and monitoring federal funding.

Administrative Systems Project Focus Groups

Recently the consultants (Coopers and Lysbrand) who are assisting the university with the Administrative Systems Project held focus groups on campus to solicit responses and ideas from faculty and staff regarding the capabilities of the new PeopleSoft software. This software will be used to streamline and make more efficient the business processes in the areas of human resources, student information, and financial aid. All three focus group sessions were well attended and many of the attendees responded positively to the predicted benefits of the new software and the plans for implementing it.


The Information Technology Executive Council is making progress on developing a strategic plan for the integration and use of technology campus-wide. The council is currently writing goals and objectives for the critical issues which have been identified. If faculty have any questions about the plans as they develop, they should contact the faculty representatives Kathy Loncar, Jan Russell, or Jerry Place or check the ITEC website via the UMKC home page.

E-Mail Migration

Within the next few months the university system will move to a standard e-mail system using the Microsoft Exchange platform. The schedule for migration (by building) to the new system was distributed to senators.

Academic Grievance Procedure

The Intercampus Faculty Council is revising the academic Grievance procedure. The proposed chances have been considered by all of the campuses and will be discussed at the next IFC meeting with the intent of presenting them to the Board of Curators later this year.

Articulation and Transfer Agreements

The Senate office has a copy of the new articulation and transfer agreements as set up, unit by unit. This information is being distributed by Acting Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. Larry Dietz. On hand in the Senate office is a copy of "Shaping and Enriching the Future: 1997 office services year in review." Senators are welcome to request these items.

Discussion with the Chancellor

The monthly discussion with the Chancellor included the following topics:

Dean's Evaluations

The Senate has decided to revise the procedures for evaluating deans and directors. The process currently being used is outdated and has become less effective in recent years. Revisions under consideration are; the use of a normed instrument to gather faculty input about deans' and directors' performance, some change in frequency of the evaluations or each dean, an the manner of reporting the data to the administration. The clear lack of importance of the faculty's input in the overall process of evaluating a dean or director has been of grave concern to the Senate this year. The value placed on the faculty's input by the administration and in particular the Vice Provost/Executive Dean appears minimal. If the faculty's voice is not considered as a part of the official, annual evaluation of a dean or director then the faculty's needs are not served. The Senate informed the Chancellor that in the future they wish to present the faculty's evaluations of deans and directors to her first. This will insure that she is aware of the faculty's perspectives on unit level management.

NCAA Issues

The Chancellor reviewed the changes that have or will be made in the management of the athletic program . The athletic program has been asked to develop a five year plan to be presented to the Chancellor by mid-summer. Included in the plan would be the integration of the athletic program and the Athletic Foundation. This will allow the athlete program to have greater oversight of the program budget. The goal of the athletic program is to move toward financial self-sufficiency. This will be done through effective marketing and fundraising, i.e., increasing on campus and community ticket sales and increasing private donations. The Senate requested and the Chancellor agreed that in the future the Senate must be kept updated about the financial health and overall management of the athletic program. In the fall of 1998 the Senate will again discuss with the Chancellor the status of the athletic program and may decide at that time if the Senate needs to establish an ad hoc committee to monitor the athletic program. The Senate will be seating two representatives on the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee in order to insure that Senate is kept informed of the management and finances of the athletic program.

Annual Budget Review

The Chancellor willingly agreed to the Senate's request that we begin to have annual budget reviews. The budget review will include a summary of the previous fiscal year and the projected budget for the current fiscal year. The budget review will be presented to the Senate each September and will include reports on the athletic program funds, mission enhancement funds, continuing education funds, year end cost savings funds and other areas of the budget of particular interest to the faculty. The Chancellor also reviewed for the Senate the internal and external audit schedules that are routine within the university system. The Chancellor shared a handout which showed the projected higher education budget appropriations being considered by the legislature for 1999.

Mission Enhancement

UMKC's share of the mission enhancement funds for the first year of the four year cycle is approximately 1.65 million. President Pacheco has directed the Chancellors to use the money in ways that will distinguish each campus from the other four year public institutions. He made it clear that he wants the money used in ways that genuinely enhance the particular missions of each campus. The President recommended that each campus try to completely fund at least one of its initiatives slated for enhancement. The Coordinating Board for Higher Education will ask each campus for a report on how the mission enhancement funds were used. The report must include performance outcomes expected from the investment over the four year cycle.

5:00PM Adjournment


Present: Greg Arling, Charles Cobb, Ray Coveney, Ann Dykas, Rafael Espejo-Saavedra, William Fredrickson, Barbara GlesnerFines, Robert Groene, Valerie Johnson, Steve Krantz, Kathy Loncar, Janet McKinney, Anthony Manzo, Ed Mills, Jerry Place, Dennis Pyszczynski, Tim Richards, Don Thibeault, Hans Uffelmann, Jakob Waterborg, Nancy Weatherholt, David Yourtee.

Absent: Ashok Gumbhir, Joseph Hughey, Khosrow Sohraby, Robert Downs, Alfred Esser, Jan Russell, Robert Willson.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy D. Stancel

Secretary, Faculty Senate

UMKC Faculty Senate