Student Loans


Exit Interview Instructions

Depending on the loans you accepted while at UMKC, you will need to complete one or more of the following exit interviews. You agreed to this condition when you signed your promissory note or notes. You should pay careful attention to the information provided. This will assist you in responsibly handling your loans and avoid falling into default.

You must follow the procedures outlined for your exit requirements to be fulfilled. Failure to do so will result in a hold on grades, transcripts and registration until such time as you have completed your exit interview session or sessions.

When your exits are complete, please call our front desk at: (816) 235-1346. We will verify the completion of your exit(s) and remove your hold(s).

For Direct or FFEL Stafford Loans, we have an updated report the following day, usually by 10:30 am.


We may ask for a call back number, just in case we need to reach you.

If you have made a request for your diploma or transcripts, you will also need to follow up with the Records Office at (816) 235-1125.


Direct Stafford/Grad Plus or FFEL Stafford/Grad Plus

Go to and click on Exit Counseling. Follow the steps to complete the exit counseling sessions for these loans.


Federal Perkins, Health Professions and UMKC Loans

  1. Call our service provider, ECSI, to obtain a pin number. They will email it to you. (Keep your pin number; you will need it to access your account in the future!)
    ECSI's Toll-free #: 888-549-3274
    • When you have your pin number, go to ECSI's website
    • Click on the tab "Students". There you will be asked for login information which consists of your account number (your social security number); the five-digit pin number from ECSI and our school code: S4.
    • There will be a link to pending exit interview(s). Work through each outstanding exit until you receive a confirming message that it is completed. Before the leaving the site, double check that all exits are done.


  1. Alternatively, you can go the website and click on the "Students" tab. Click on "Need Help Logging In" on the upper right-hand side. Fill in the blanks for login information. Your pin # will be emailed to you.