Student Loans


What does the Student Loan department do?

  • We handle the promissory notes and repayment of Federal Perkins Student Loans, Health Professions Loans and University Long-Term Loans, as well as any Short-Term University Loans issued prior to June 1, 2003. Short-Term Loans issued after June 1, 2003 are handled by the Cashiers Office.
  • Any information regarding financial aid awards is handled by the Financial Aid office. Information regarding the disbursement of financial aid is handled by either the Financial Aid office or the Cashiers office. The Registration office processes enrollment verifications if you are a current UMKC student and need proof for deferring loans with other schools or lenders. Contact them at 816-235-1125.

My loans should not be in repayment, but I just received a statement. Why?

  • Our system sends out notifications that look like billing statements. Please refer to the "Amount Due", if it is $0.00 then this is simply a notification and not a bill.
  • The text portion of this statement is what is important. If there is an amount due and you feel you should be deferred, contact our department at 816-235-1346.

Can I come into the office and sign my promissory notes?

  • Once your promissory notes are issued, they will be mailed to the address you gave our Records Department.
  • If you want to sign the notes in our office, you may call or come by the office and make that request.
  • It usually takes 24 -48 hours after a request is made, for the notes to be ready for signature in our office if the notes have been ordered by Financial Aid.

Why is there a hold on my account?

There are several reasons why a hold may have been placed on your account. Please call 816-235-1346.

How do I find out who holds my Department of Education loans?

You can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243.

How do I defer my student loans?

  • The Student Loan department can process deferments on loans that are repayable to UMKC, such as Federal Perkins Student Loans or Health Professions Student Loans.
  • If you do not have loans repayable to UMKC, such as Stafford Loans, you will need to contact your lenders.

When will my loan report to the credit bureau as delinquent?

Our system automatically reports loans as delinquent when they are 45 days or more past due.

When will a collection charge be assessed to my account?

  • If no arrangements are made and your loan becomes 120 days or more past due, we may assess up to 25% in collection charges on your account.
  • If you legitimately cannot pay your account - contact our office at 816-235-1346; in most cases, we can work something out.

Do I have to attend an exit interview?

  • If you received Financial Aid while at UMKC, you are required to attend an exit interview if you cease to attend UMKC at least half-time, even if you are planning to attend another University.
  • If attending an exit interview is not possible, we can send you the forms necessary to complete the process by mail. Please contact our department at: 816-235-1346.


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Contact information

Student Loan office: 816-235-1346 Financial Aid office: 816-235-1154 Cashier's office: 816-235-1365