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Through these links, you can find useful information on your Federal Direct and Stafford loans and the process of consolidation. The Student Loan department can also provide guidance regarding consolidation.

Credit Bureau Reporting Resources

The Student Loan department is required to report the status of educational loan accounts under its management at least once every thirty days. Our service provider, ECSI, reports this information on our behalf toward the end of each month. We report to Equifax, TransUnion and Innovis, but other bureaus may also pick up this information from them. You can visit and request free copies.

Federal banking rules prohibit us or ECSI from removing any accurately reported information. There are consequences for failure to pay student loan accounts as agreed. As with other credit history, negative reporting can stay on your record for up to seven (7) years.  If you do feel there is reason to dispute the information, you can these links to do so. We are required to respond to the credit bureau regarding a disputed item within 30 days of receipt.

The exception to the seven year credit bureau history is if you have a Federal Perkins Loan which can be rehabilitated.  You can contact our office for further information. The program requires nine (9) consecutive on-time payments.  The payments cannot be even one day late or you will be removed from the program. 

The month following the posting of the ninth payment, ECSI’s system will request that the credit bureaus remove the negative history.  The history will reflect that the loan was successfully rehabilitated. This program provides amnesty for borrowers who may have unintentionally ended in default on their Perkins loan and need to clean-up their credit. It is a one-time alternative.

Credit Counseling Resources

If you need help managing your debt or working out repayment arrangements with your creditors, the services listed below may offer assistance.

Promissory Notes

Perkins Loan Information through our partner ECSI.