Finance and Administration

Budget and Planning


The Campus Budget office is a partner and advocate for the effective and efficient use of University resources through planning, analysis, accountability and alignment of resources to priorities.  

We are committed to open communication, active campus involvement, collaborative relationships, innovative budgeting.  

The vision of the Campus Budget Office at the University of Missouri-Kansas City is to help strengthen all units' contributions to the university's overall missions of teaching, research and service.


Objectives and Measures

  • Accuracy/Validity of budget; provide analysis of  budget as benchmark and aim to have a smaller and smaller percentage variance each year.  
  • Prepare special project financial/budgetary reports on selected areas on campus as part of our own campus' quest for financial freedom; provide impact reports on actions of state and local legislative actions, economic trends, etc. Target two special reports each year.
  • Devise and design helpful financial reports to assist units with their own budgetary analysis and budget building.  


Unit Goals

  • Develop a campus budget document that provides a budget summary for campus budget users, both internal and external. This document should include narrative that explains major policy changes and critical summary financial information, but should also be as brief and succinct as possible to encourage use by the campus customers.      
  • Either within the campus budget document or in a separate economic and financial paper, provide information to the campus and external budget customers of how the UMKC budget is linked to the overall University of Missouri system budget and the state of Missouri budget. In this manner, we can demonstrate and measure our progress toward financial freedom.      
  • Develop a long-term capital improvement plan that ties major capital investment and improvement on campus to the operating and financial needs of the campus.    
  • Implement an understandable and verifiable resource allocation model that connects achievement of goals to financial resources.



> Budget Office Training Materials

> Ethics and Compliance Hotline

> Fiscal Training Schedule

> UMKC University Budget Committee

> UM System Accounting Office

> UM System Planning and Budget Office


Contact information

Karen Wilkerson

Phone: 816-235-2757

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John Morrissey

Assistant Director
Phone: 816-235-1350

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Andry Joswara

Senior Budget Analyst
Phone: 816-235-2756

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