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Billing FAQs

How do I read my billing statement? Click here.

As part of our efforts to simplify transactions on the student account, we have made it possible to complete many transactions electronically – including refunds, which can be deposited directly to your checking or savings account, and payments, which can be made from your Pathway account:

Here's a sample billing notification.

1. Balance from last statement: the account balance from your most recent monthly billing statement.

2. Other charges:

  • Charges and credits from other campus departments (i.e. University Bookstore, ID card charges and Parking) can be paid electronically.
  • Finance charge: applied to the unpaid adjusted amount due from your last monthly billing statement. It is calculated monthly by taking the last adjusted amount due, subtracting any credits.
  • Late payment fee: an additional $25 will be assessed on your next statement if at least the minimum payment is not received by the due date.

3. Payments and credits: are payments on your student account made by you or by someone else on your behalf, as well as credits applied since your last monthly billing statement. These may take the form of refunded deposits or financial aid that was paid.

4. Refunds: are any credit balance paid from the student account since the last monthly billing statement. Refunds are issued by direct deposit, or by check via U.S. mail.

5. Anticipated aid: is financial aid which was awarded but has not yet been applied. If you have questions about anticipated aid, please contact the Financial Aid office by phone or visit

6. Account balance: is the total amount due on your student account for this billing period. Any anticipated financial aid is reflected in your adjusted amount due.

7. Adjusted amount due: the account balance minus any anticipated aid. If you elect to take advantage of the monthly payment plan, any unpaid adjusted amount due will be subject to a monthly 1 percent finance charge.

8. Minimum payment: is the total amount of current term charges due on your account, divided by the number of installments remaining in this term. A 1 percent finance charge will be applied to the unpaid adjusted amount due. The minimum payment amount also includes any past term balance and other charges that are due in full.

9. Message codes: the codes in this column indicate messages found in the “Important Messages” section at the bottom of the statement.

What if I have financial aid or scholarships? Click here.

Financial aid and scholarships (aid) that have been approved but have not yet been paid to the student account are considered to be "anticipated." Anticipated aid is deducted from the current term balance in the billed balance calculation area of your monthly billing statement. The balance remaining will be billed to the student and the minimum payment must be paid by the due date to avoid having classes cancelled. The remaining balance will also be subject to the 1 percent monthly finance charge. When aid is received, it will be applied to the student account but there will be no reduction in the amount due since the aid was already taken into consideration and deducted from the current term balance. Current term aid can not be used to pay past aid year balances.

What happens if I miss the payment due date? Click here.

A late fee will be added to your student account if a payment is not received by the monthly billing statement's due date.

If we do not receive this payment, you may also be subject to sanctions, including denial of access to the Swinney Recreation Center, elimination of student charge privileges and inability to add/drop classes. Failure to pay will also result in denial of future registration access and withholding of transcripts or diplomas.

If your student account continues to be delinquent, your classes will be subject to cancellation. If you went through early registration, you will have to register again through regular registration to re-enroll in classes after the required payment is received. If you re-register after classes have begun, this will be considered a "late registration" and you will incur a late registration fee. If your classes are cancelled due to non-payment, any refund to you will be subject to the University's refund schedule.

Is there a late fee? Click here.

Yes. Student accounts will be subject to a $25 late fee if payment is not received by monthly billing statement's scheduled due date. If the minimum payment or billed balance due is paid on or before the scheduled due date, as it appears on the student's monthly billing statement, no late fees will apply.

Is there a finance charge? Click here.

The University assesses a 1 percent monthly finance charge on the unpaid portion of the billed balance. The finance charge is based on the previous billed balance and will not be assessed on the current charges for that billing cycle. You may avoid the finance charge by paying the total billed balance each month.

Why didn't I get my bill in the mail? Click here.

If you have e-Consented on Pathway (this is generally done the first time you enroll in courses), bills will be emailed only to UMKC email address on file, as well as the email address of any authorized users. You will NOT receive a paper bill unless you specifically request this service to be set up.

How do I set up paper billing? Click here.

To set up paper billing, we require a request in writing from the student. You can e-mail a request from your UMKC e-mail address, fax it (with a copy of a photo ID) to 816-235-5510 or mail it to our office. You can also walk in to make the request in person.

How does UMKC determine minimum payment installments? Click here.

The minimum payment is determined by dividing the current semester's charges by the number of installments remaining in the semester. For example, if you owe $4,000 for Fall Semester and expect a $1,000 scholarship, your billed balance is $3,000. Divide the billed balance by the number of payments remaining in the semester, three, for example, and you arrive at your minimum payment amount of $1,000.

Note: Any past term balance or previous unpaid minimum is due in full. So, in the earlier example, if you also had a bookstore charge from the Summer Semester, your minimum payment would be $1,000 plus the bookstore charge amount. Please note that payment less than the total adjusted amount due on your bill will cause a finance charge of 1 percent to assess.

What is UMKC Cashiers Office check cashing policy? Click here.

The Cashiers Office will cash personal checks for up to $25 per day at the cashier's windows with proper student or staff identification. To be cashed, checks must:

  • be dated with the current date;
  • be made payable to "UMKC;"
  • be legibly written in ink or be typed;
  • be in agreement regarding numeric and written amounts;
  • be properly signed by presenter;
  • be written on a U.S. bank and in U.S. dollars;
  • have Federal Reserve routing codes printed in the MICR encoding at the bottom of the check; and
  • contain sufficient information to permit tracing the presenter.

The Cashiers Office reserves the right to decline this service to anyone with a previous returned check. Checks returned by the bank will be processed according to the returned check procedures.


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