Campus Facilities Management


How do I get a light bulb replaced?

Please call (816) 235-1354. Report the light bulb room location, your name, and a contact number.

How do I get a key for my work area?

A key request form must be completed and authorized by your department Chairperson and sent to CFM Business Operations at General Services Building (GSB) 101.

Upon receipt of the key request form, a key will be issued within 24-48 hours. CFM Business Operations will notify recipient when the key is available or its status may be checked by calling (816) 235-1354.

A receipt/responsibility signature and photo I.D. are required for key pickup. Keys not picked up within two weeks will be canceled.

How do I check the status of a service request/work order?

Please call CFM Business Operations at (816) 235-1354.

What if I have facilities problems after 5:00pm?

For a prompt response after hours, please report all emergency facilities issues to the University Police at (816) 235-1515.

How do I reserve conference rooms or classrooms?

To reserve a conference room in the Administrative Center, call (816) 235-5982 or in the University Center, call (816) 235-1416.

To reserve a classroom, call central scheduling at 816-235-1119.

How do I report that my work area temperature is hot/cold?

Please call CFM Business Operations at (816) 235-1354.

Who do I contact to gain entry into my locked work area?

Contact the University Police at (816) 235-1515 (Volker campus) or (816) 235-1818 (Hospital Hill).

Who do I contact to have my office rearranged or to schedule a move?

Please call CFM Business Operations at (816) 235-1354.