Environmental Health and Safety


About us

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is a centralized service for monitoring the acquisition, storage, use, and proper disposal of hazardous materials used in teaching, research, and industrial services at UMKC.  


Safety Training

Safety training is provided through the Department of EHS, with records kept for compliance purposes. Click here for more information on safety training.



For specific regulatory requirements designated by granting institutions UMKC relies on the Radiation Safety and the Biological Safety Committees under the Office of Research Services to establish appropriate safety policies and programs in accordance with regulatory guidelines while evaluating the research being conducted at UMKC.


Safe Work Environment

Occupational Safety and Health programs are designed and implemented by each School/department to provide employees and constituents with a safe work environment. These program are to be in accordance with the UM System Business Policy.


University Response

In the event of a federal or state regulatory enforcement investigation, EHS will coordinate the University's response by accompanying the investigator while on the campus and providing liaison support to the University faculty and staff throughout the entire process. The Director of EHS will attend the formal closeout session documenting all findings.




> Emergency Response Guide (pdf)

> Certificate of Compliance Survey (pdf)