Mail Services

Mail Services

Welcome to Mail Services. This site has been developed to provide information for faculty, staff, and students concerning campus mail services.


Effective January 27, 2019 the USPS has increased rates on postage and select services. 

Certified Mail                                                 $3.45

Return Receipt Green Cards                        $2.80

Return Receipt Electronic Signatures           $1.40

First Class 1 ounce postage                         $0.55

Flats 1 ounce postage                                  $1.00

Additional ounce of first class mail               $0.15

New USPS Rate Changes Effective January 17, 2016

 First Class Mail, Standard Mail and Periodical rates remain the same. However shipping services are affected by the 2016 rate increase. USPS has also changed the name of its Standard Post services to Retail Ground and the prices have increased by 10 percent. 



   Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes

Old Rates



Current Rates


$6.10  .

   Padded Flat Rate Envelopes



   Legal Flat Rate Envelopes



   Small Flat Rate Box



   Large Flat Rate Box



   Priority  Mail Medium Flat Rate Box



   Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope




 While actual pricing specifics will vary depending on location, size and service, a sampling of popular international products will see the following  price changes:

     Global Express Guaranteed:.1percent

    Priority  Mail International:2 percent

    Priority  Mail Express International: 6 percent

    First-Class Package International Services: 6 percent

New prices may be viewed online at Postal Explore

Contact information

Phone: 816-235-1439
Fax: 816-235-1717


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