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Appeal a Ticket

Read all information on this page prior to submitting your appeal.


Violations should be paid or appealed within ten (10) days from receipt of the violation.

Appeals must be received within ten (10) days of the issue date on the ticket. Appeals received after 10 days will not be considered. Fill in all the information. Incomplete appeals will not be considered. Information should be as concise as possible.

If you have additional documentation you would like to provide the committee, such as photographs or repair bills, you may bring or send these to the Parking and Transportation Office to attach to your appeal, or take them to the meeting with you.

If you are appealing more than one violation, a separate appeal must be filed for each violation. The UMKC Parking and Traffic Committee hears all violation appeals and decisions made by the committee are final and are not subject to further appeal.

The Parking and Traffic Committee consists of three faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate, three staff members nominated by the Staff Council, and three students nominated by the Student Government Association or the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs office

You will be notified of the date and time your appeal will be heard. You are welcome to meet with the committee at that time but your attendance is not required.

If you do not receive an email response from the Parking and Transportation Department within five (5) days we did not receive your appeal, and you will need to resubmit the appeal.

Notification of the committee's decision will be sent via email within five (5) days of the appeal hearing.

The following reasons are not grounds for a successful appeal:

    • Lack of knowledge of regulations. For example, being new to campus or have not read regulations
    • Other vehicles were also parked improperly
    • Late to class or appointment
    • Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the
    • Lack of space
    • Unread or misunderstood signs
    • Parking for only a short period of time with or without flashers
    • Parked in a handicap area without a valid DMV handicap placard or plate
    • The violation is just "not fair"
    • The disappearance of a parking violation notice from a vehicle.
    • Parked at an expired meter for any period of time
    • Parked at an expired meter because you have a permit

Tickets are not available online for appeal until the day after the date of issue.


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