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Special Event Parking

Anytime you are holding an event on campus, you should notify the Parking and Transportation office by completing a Special Event Parking Request Form. Even if you are simply asking for one cone to be placed in a lot to secure a spot for a VIP, we need to have the form completed for our records.

University Department Visitors Parking Violation Void Policy

In the event a department is not able to provide a visitor with a hangtag prior to a campus visit and that visitor receives a parking violation, the department may provide two (2) unused hangtags or a Mocode to cover the cost of two hangtags ($14) to the Parking and Transportation Office for cancellation. Please advise your guests and visitors to return any violation received to your department for handling if you wish to have the ticket voided.

Effective July 1, 2020, any citation sent to Parking and Transportation to be voided must either have two (2) unused visitor hangtags attached or a MoCode provided to charge a $14 administrative void fee. No violation will be voided without either two unused hangtags or a MoCode to cover the cost of the void fee. This policy applies only to campus visitors; violations issued to faculty, staff and students may not be voided by this method.

Temporary Permits

On occasion, a department or division may hold special conferences or seminars that last for four or more consecutive days. There is a weekly rate for a permit for use with this type of event.

Please contact Parking and Transportation for additional information regarding the qualifications for a weekly permit.


Special Event Parking Request Form


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