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Parking and Transportation

Meter Parking

Expired meter

Parking Meters



Metered areas are indicated in yellow on the campus maps. Parking is available in the metered areas located in:

    • Area 40S (east of the Student Success Center)
    • Area 41 (east of the Biological Sciences and Spencer Chemistry Buildings)
    • Area 43 (pay and display station lot, north of Student Success Center)
    • Area 44 (pay and display station lot, south side of Grant Hall)
    • Area 45 (north side of Law School)
    • Area 48 (south of School of Education)
    • Area 49 (south of Johnson Hall)
    • Area 96M (pay and display station lot, south of 4825 Troost)
    • Cherry Street Parking Structure, 5th Level (pay and display station areas)

Parking meter cost is currently $1.25 per hour.

Anytime a vehicle is parked in a metered space the meter MUST be paid, regardless of whether the driver has a permit.

Pay Stations

The University has "pay-and-display" metered areas located at:

    • Fifth level of the Cherry Street Parking Structure, 50th and Cherry Streets.
    • Area 43 the lot north of the Student Success Center
    • Area 44 the lot south of Grant Hall (53rd and Holmes)
    • Area 96M the lot south of 4825 Troost

Pay-and-Display instructions

  1. Choose from the following options:
    • Max – If you want eight hours
    • More – If you want more than one hour
    • Less – If you want less than one hour
  2. Press BUY after you have chosen one of the above options and prior to inserting cash or coin
  3. Insert the amount of cash or coin indicated
  4. Take receipt and place on dash of vehicle

UMKC ParkCard

The ParkCard cannot be used in the pay-and-display lots. The pay-and-display lots are located at the surface lot north of the Student Success Center (Area 43), the lot south of Grant Hall (Area 44), Level 5 of the Cherry Street Parking Structure, 50th and Oak Streets, and the surface lot south of 4825 Troost (Area 96M).

To place time on a individual parking meter

  1. Insert card into parking meter slot and the meter will display the amount of money remaining on your card.
  2. The meter will then display how much time is being debited from your card by flashing time in 12-minute increments with a three-second pause between increases. It will take approximately 30 seconds to place eight hours of time on a meter.
  3. When the meter shows the appropriate amount of time, remove your card. If you do not have enough money remaining on your card for the amount of time you need on the meter, you can use coins in conjunction with your ParkCard.

To obtain a refund for remaining time on meter

If you return to your meter and time is remaining, reinsert your card. The meter will flash and display the current amount on your card. Wait for it to flash "REF" and it will then place the remaining amount of time back onto your card.


If you place more money from the card in the meter than you intended,

    • It will continue to debit money from your card and add time to the meter. Either wait until you return to your car or wait at least one minute to reinsert your card.

Each ParkCard comes programmed for $20 and there is a non-refundable $5 charge for every card. DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR CARD.

    • When your ParkCard runs low, you can purchase additional time on your card at the Parking and Transportation office.

There are no refunds for lost or stolen cards.

    • Because the Parking and Transportation department has no way of knowing the value left on the card, we cannot issue a refund.


>>View and download the Volker campus map (PDF)

>>View and download the Hospital Hill campus map (PDF)


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