Parking and Transportation

Visitor Parking

Meter parking

Visitors are welcome on the campus at all times and their cooperation in observing the parking regulations is appreciated. Visitors are subject to all parking regulations and all fees incurred. Visitors to the University may use the metered areas on campus, or make prior arrangements with Parking and Transportation or with the department inviting them to campus for a one-day visitor permit.

Accessible Parking

A UMKC accessible parking permit and a state-issued disability plate or placard allows an individual to park their vehicle in faculty/staff and student permit areas.

Accessible spaces are indicated with Handicap Permit Symbol on the map.

More information about accessible parking for visitors can be found here.

Meter Parking

Metered areas are indicated in yellow on the campus maps. More information about meter parking can be found here.

One-day Parking

One-day hangtags are available for visitor parking needs. More information about one-day visitor parking permits can be found here.



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