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January 4, 2005




At 2:43 a.m., Tuesday, January 4, the University of Missouri-Kansas City Police Department received a report of a theft from a vehicle, and display of a handgun, that occurred at approximately 2:40 a.m., on the second level of the Oak Street parking structure, 50th and Cherry Street .


The victim, a UMKC student, went to his vehicle after hearing the car alarm sounding. Upon arrival he observed two males, one of whom was removing the stereo from his vehicle.  The victim confronted the suspect and the suspect then displayed a handgun. The suspects entered a vehicle, believed to be the vehicle they had driven to the scene, and left the area. No physical injuries or other physical confrontation was reported.





•   Suspect 1 - Asian male; years of age, late teens.

•   Suspect 2 - Asian male; years of age, late twenties.


  • Suspect Vehicle – Acura, black in color, bearing Kansas license plates.



The UMKC Police Department is conducting an investigation of this incident. If you have any information, or were in the area of this incident about the time it occurred please call the police department at 235-1515 and ask to speak with Sergeant Dean Leach.



Crime prevention tips, as well as informational workshops, may be obtained by contacting the crime prevention office of the UMKC Police Department at 235-1515, or visiting the UMKC Police web site, .




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