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October 20, 2008



At about 1:30 a.m., Sunday, October 19, the University of Missouri-Kansas City Police Department received a report of a theft of a wallet and car keys by physical force from a student in the vicinity of Oak Place Apartments. Upon arrival at the scene, officers were approached by an individual who informed them that his roommate had been assaulted. This party stated that when he tried to intervene, he also was assaulted.

Officers located the other victim, who stated that he had been assaulted by four African-American males and robbed of his wallet and car keys. Neither of the victims, who are both UMKC students, required medical attention. No weapons were displayed or used according to the victims and witnesses.

Officers conducted an area canvas for the suspects, which yielded negative results. Officers did confirm that the victim’s car was secure and found the victim’s UMKC ID card and several miscellaneous credit cards in the area. Witnesses were able to provide the following partial descriptions of the suspects:

  • Suspect 1 – African American male; wearing a blue hat with “KC” printed on it.
  • Suspect 2 – African American male; wearing a white and blue jacket.
  • Suspect 3 – African American male; braided hair; wearing an orange shirt.
  • Suspect 4 – African American male; no further description available.

The UMKC Police Department is conducting an investigation of this incident.  If you have any information or were in the area of this incident about the time it occurred, please don’t hesitate to call the UMKC Police Department at 235-1515 and ask to speak with Det. Sgt. Brewington or the supervisor on duty.

Crime prevention tips, as well as informational workshops, may be obtained by contacting the crime prevention office of the UMKC Police Department at 235-1515, or visiting the UMKC Police web site,




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