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Break-ins to motor vehicles and stolen vehicles are two of the more common crimes around UMKC. HELP US HELP YOU! Read over the suggestions below, they may help you reduce the possibility of being victimized.

  • Try to park in a well lighted area, and if possible, avoid parking next to vans, pick-ups, and other large vehicles. These large vehicles can "hide" your vehicle and make it more difficult for others to observe someone breaking into your vehicle.

  • Keep all items out of sight, either take property with you or lock items in your trunk, even items you are sure no one would steal; keep the passenger area clear of loose items when leaving the car.

  • If interested in a car alarm you may not want a motion detector (this is what usually causes false alarms); door contacts, and a contact on the hood and trunk are usually enough. If you want more coverage check on a shock detector or a glass shatter detector. Have the alarm system hooked up to the emergency flashers.

  • Some car alarms have a flashing red light on the dash which indicates there is an alarm. You can purchase the flashing red light without the alarm for a few dollars and people may think you have an alarm and leave your car alone.

  • If purchasing a radio/cassette player or buying a new car consider the removable radio/cassette.

  • There are locks which insert into the empty cassette hole. These locks are visible to the suspect and it would damage the radio if someone tried to pry the lock out.

  • You could have clear safety film installed on the window. With the proper film the window could be up to 300% stronger.

  • There is a device which fits over your radio/cassette with wires hanging out which makes it appear your radio has already been stolen. This device costs approximately $15 and comes with a guarantee if the radio is stolen when using this product.

  • To reduce the risk of having your vehicle stolen have an ignition kill switch installed or purchase a bar for the steering wheel.

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