FRAUD ALERT re: Kansas Counselors, Inc. - Posted 3/21/08

A company using the name of Kansas Counselors, Inc. has been contacting students regarding collection of a debt on behalf of UMKC.  Please be advised these calls are not legitimate collection calls.  This is a scam. Do not verify or provide any of your personal information, such as social security number, date of birth, credit card numbers, or bank account information to them. 

UMKC uses the following companies for debt collection purposes:

  • The CBE Group, Inc.
  • National Credit Management
  • Windham Professionals

UMKC uses the following company for student loan account billing and management.

  • ECSI

If you have been contacted by Kansas Counselors, Inc. and have given personal information or made payments to them, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately to file a report.


  • To obtain a pin number, call our service provider ECSI toll-free at (888) 549-3274.  ECSI will email your pin number to you.

  • When you receive your pin, go to the ECSI website at

  • Click on the Login: Borrowers link.  You will be asked for login information which consists of:

                your account number (your social security number)
                your five-digit pin number from ECSI
                our school code:  S4
  • Click on the link for pending exit interview(s).  Be sure to complete all exits and stay in each one until you receive the message "Successfully Completed."

  • When you are finished, call our front desk at (816) 235-1346.  We will verify the completion of your   exit(s) and remove your hold.  We may ask for a call back number just in case we need to reach you.