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Sodexo/UMKC Dining
Student Success Center G36A
Kansas City, MO 64110
phone: 816-235-1077
fax: 816-235-5213

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Catering Home

Catering at the University of Missouri Kansas City
Student Organization

$10.00 Budget Meals for Student Catering

Cold Salad Plate

Southwest Chicken Caesar Salad
Jalapeño Corn Muffins
Chocolate Fudge Cake

Chicken Lunch or Dinner

Caesar Side Salad
Herb Grilled Chicken (4oz.)
Penne Pasta Alfredo
Fresh Steamed Broccoli
Garlic Parmesan Bread Stick
Butter Crumb Cup Cake

Italian Wedge Salad
Chicken Marsala (4 oz.)
Herb Roasted Red Skin Potatoes
Fresh Steamed Green Beans
Dinner Roll and Butter
Mocha Ice Box Cake

Lasagna Dinner

Caesar Side Salad
Gold Standard Meat Lasagna
Spinach Blanco Lasagna
Fresh Steamed Green Beans
Garlic Parmesan Breadstick
Cherry Cheesecake Bar

All the Desserts are made in house and will be square or round.
The vegetables will have to be Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Green Beans, or Frozen Mixed Vegetables.
For buffets the chicken size will drop to 3 oz. to allow for people who take more than one item.
The Lasagna Dinner is based on 20% vegetarian. Served Lasagna Dinners will be 24 cut, buffets will be 32 cut.
The vegetarian options for the chicken meals will have to be priced at $11.00, and will be Roasted Vegetable Lasagna, plus the same sides.
Prices based on 25 guests minimum.

Wing Bar

Includes four types of Wings (Buffalo, Lemon Pepper, Chipotle BBQ, Plain)
Freshly Prepared Potato Chips (cooked that day)
Carrot and Celery Sticks
Ranch Dip, Blue Cheese Dressing, Salsa, Frank’s Hot Sauce
Lemonade or Iced Tea
$ 5.99 per person (9 wings per person)

Wings and Ranch Dip only
$ 5.99 per dozen

Pizza Buffet

Cheese Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Roasted Vegetable Pizza
Meat lover’s Pizza
Breadsticks with Marinara Sauce
Caesar Salad with Dressing
Lemonade or Iced Tea
$ 5.99 per person (3 slices of pizza, 2 breadsticks, 3 oz Salad)

Pizza ala Carte

Cheese Pizza $6.00
1 Topping Pizza $6.00
Roasted Vegetable Pizza $9.00
Meat lover’s Pizza $9.00
Breadsticks with Sauce per dozen $6.00
Caesar Salad per person $1.85

Super Nacho Bar

Tortilla Chips
Refried Beans
Queso Dip
Diced Tomatoes
Sour Cream
Lemonade or Iced Tea
$ 3.99 per person

Chips, Queso and Salsa
$ 1.99 per person

Crispy Dipper Bar

Freshly Prepared Potato Chips
Tortilla Chips
Ranch Dip
Vegetable Dip
Spinach Artichoke Dip (4 oz. per person)
Iced Tea and Lemonade
$ 3.99 per person

Freshly prepared Dips

Spinach Artichoke Dip with Tortilla Chips $9.50 per quart (4 servings)
Other Dips with Chips or Tortilla Chips $3.50 per quart (4 servings)

All but the pizzas could be cooked in the Student Center Kitchen by the staff on site.

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