Advisor Resources

Student organization advisors play an important role in the functioning of our student organizations. All student organizations are required to have at least one full-time employee of UMKC on their advisory team.

Student Organization Advisors

The primary role of a student organization advisor is to serve as a professional resource to students as they work to manage their organization.

All full-time faculty and staff are eligible to serve as an advisor for a recognized student organization. 

Develop clear expectations about your role as advisor

  • Maintain regular contact and involvement with the officers of the student organization and the membership
  • Be knowledgeable of the mission, goals and purpose of the student organization
  • Ensure all necessary paperwork has been completed with the university
  • Ensure the organization officers and members abide by all campus, local and national policies and procedures
  • Provide support and encouragement to all members of the organization
  • Provide a system that ensures successful communication, short- and long-term goal achievement and efficient transitions between organization officers
  • Attend meetings, events and other functions of the organization
  • Assist with the management of the organization's budget
  • Assist officers with procedural matters
  • Reach out to the Office of Student Involvement for assistance and be willing to collaborate with other members of the UMKC community
  • Help resolve conflict

Avoid negative behavior

  • Being the leader and running the organization
  • Imposing your own bias
  • Manipulating the group and imposing or forcing your opinions
  • Not letting the group try new ideas
  • Allowing the organization to become a one-person show
  • Assuming the organization’s attitudes, needs and personalities will remain the same year to year

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