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What is Campus Pack?

Campus Pack is a resource which allows instructors to integrate social media and learning tools into Blackboard Course sites. Students are able to participate in discussions and collaborative projects within the Blackboard Course site where instructors can monitor and moderate any activity. Assessment tools are built in to allow instructors the ability to track student progress and input grades directly into Blackboard’s Grade Center.

Campus Pack Tools

  • Blogs: Allows students and instructors to not only publish entries but to interact with each other by leaving comments and discussing the topic.
  • Wikis: Creates a collaborative environment where content can be added and edited by users.
  • Journals: Allows students to post private reflections and assignments which instructors can access and assess.
  • Podcasts: Are useful for recording audio which students can access at their convenience.
  • Personal Learning Spaces (PLS): Allows students to create and publish content that is accessible to other students, courses, and organizations.

Instructions and Tutorials

Create Social Media Tools  
Create Wiki Pages PDF
Create a Blog PDF
Create a Journal PDF
Create a Podcast Episode PDF
Create a Podcast Feed PDF
Create a Wiki PDF
Create a New Entry PDF
Change Settings  
Change Site Availability PDF
How to Set Permissions PDF
Understanding Sharing Permissions Video
Using Campus Pack  
Edit Wiki Pages PDF
How to Recycle Sites PDF
Using the Assessment Tool PDF
Wiki Page History PDF
Understanding Templates Video
Using Campus Pack  
Create Wiki Pages PDF
Create Journal & Blog Entries PDF
Edit Wiki Pages PDF
Wiki Page History PDF
Text Editing URL
Inserting Images or Video PDF
Site Subscription URL
iTunes Podcasts URL
Intro to Personal Learning Spaces  
Understanding PLS Video
Specific Instructions  
Adding a Portlet PDF
Adding Content PDF
Customizing PDF
Adding the PLS link back into Blackboard PDF
Adding a Folder URL
Copy Content URL
Copy Blogs or Wikis PDF
Site Settings URL
Site Permissions URL
Invite by Email URL
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