Clickers in ILE Classrooms

Which ILE classrooms are Clicker-ready?

Currently, there are over 60 ILE classrooms installed with TurningTech receivers, where instructors can use TurningPoint conveniently. Check the ILE Classroom TurningPoint Assignment List to see if your room is clicker-ready.

If the room does not have a receiver yet, either use the receiver that came with your instructor kit, or contact Information Services to request installation.

How to find the channel number

To prevent frequency interference among nearby receivers, a unique channel number has been assigned to each ILE classroom. There are several ways to identify the number:

1. Channel number poster.
The easiest way is to look at the channel number poster that is posted either on the podium or the wall behind it.

2. TurningPoint Software.

  • The receiver channel will be displayed on the dashboard when TurningPoint is first launched.
  • Connection information can also be located when individual polling tools are in use.

    PowerPoint Polling:

    Anywhere Polling:

    Self-Paced Polling:

3. ILE Classroom TurningPoint Assignment List Found Here


  1. DO NOT change the assigned numbers in any ILE classroom.
  2. DO NOT remove the channel number poster.
  3. DO NOT tamper with the receivers. If your polling is not receiving responses, make sure students have switched to the correct channel, and try to reset the questions or restart TurningPoint.

Contact Information Services for hardware issues.
Email for software support.