Panopto is a lecture-capture platform that provides the ability to combine audio, video, PowerPoint/Keynote, and screen capture into one recording. Panopto can be used in ILE classrooms on the UMKC campus, or from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device where the Panopto software is installed.

Instructors who would like Panopto installed on university-owned computers can call the IS Call Center (816.235.2000) to arrange for software installation.

Instructors who would like Panopto installed on personally-owned computers can find installation instructions by going to and searching for "Panopto".

Please note: Panopto is not a good fit for use as a remote proctoring tool. Currently, the UMKC Online group is piloting some proctoring tools, but none of the tools are available as a free service. If you would like more information about remote proctoring options and pricing, please contact UMKC Online by using this form:

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Getting started with Panopto:

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For More Information

More information about how to use Panopto can be found in the UMKC Knowledgebase. Search for Panopto, or ask a question about how to use Panopto.