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How to use Tegrity on your iPad, iPhone, or Android

Tegrity allows you to view your instructor’s lectures on your iPhone, iPad and Android device. Not only can you review your instructor’s recordings from your device, but you can also add live bookmarks during class. Please note, the tegrity app is free and there is no fee for use with UMKC course recordings. However, users are responsible for their own internet connection, devices and any other charges.

Download the Free Tegrity App

App Store (iPad, iPhone):
Play Store (Android):


  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone, iPad or Google Play on Android devices.
  2. Search for “Tegrity”
  3. Click to download and install.
  4. Run the application.

One-time Setup

The first time you run the app, you will be prompted to enter a Connection Code. You can generate a connection code from inside your Tegrity account on a computer. You only need to do this once (unless you use the ‘logout’ button in the app).

Login Code

Login to Tegrity on your computer to get your connection code:

  • Using your computer, access Tegrity as you normally do.
  • Click “settings”, located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Select “generate code”. Enter that code into your mobile device where prompted.

Generate Code

  • Enter the code on your iPhone/iPad or Android

Login Code

The Connection Code expires once it is used to connect a device or after 24 hours so it cannot be shared and no one else can connect to your account. If you have multiple devices, you will need to generate new codes for each device.

Utilizing the Tegrity App’s Unique Features


The Tegrity app allows students to add bookmarks to their instructor’s lectures while sitting in class via their iPhone, iPad or Android device. As long as you are enrolled in the course, Tegrity automatically knows which lectures to add your bookmarks to, and adds them at the exact time you wrote them during the lecture. Once your instructor has finished recording the lecture, you may access your account on a computer, and all the bookmarks you set during class will appear on the screen.

All recordings from your enrolled courses will appear on the Tegrity app. By scrolling through, you have access to viewing all available recordings.

Tegrity’s new search tool is also available on the application. This feature allows you to type in any term that you remember from class, and Tegrity pulls up all slides that contain that word or phrase. You may then select the slides to view their content.


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