What is WebEx?

Cisco WebEx is a software for online video conferencing. Along with conventional telephone conferencing, WebEx allows web-based collaborative sessions to share video, audio (VoIP) and desktop/applications. Users can join a session using telephones, computers, or mobile devices. Since it does not involve downloading or installing any software, WebEx can be used to invite both internal and external participants.

Watch this video for WebEx Basics.

What Are The Potential Uses Of WebEx?

  • In school meetings with employees at remote locations or traveling
  • Tenure committee meetings
  • Interview for prospective hires
  • Admissions and recruiting
  • Online orientation
  • Technical support of faculty/staff/students
  • Focus groups and research

WebEx Session Types

WebEx Meeting Center, Training Center, Event and Support Center offer specialized web conferencing services. Click the links below for details of each meeting center, or this PDF file for a list of meeting center features.

Meeting Center
Training Center
Event Center
Support Center

How To Get Started?

Request a host account: Email your request to

Account cost: $750 per year for one host account.


  • One host account limit for each department/school.
  • Each account can host unlimited numbers of meetings, but only one concurrent meeting at a time (except the Support Center).
    For instance, the host can schedule a meeting from 1PM-2PM, and another one from 2PM-3PM, and so on. Hosts cannot schedule overlapped meetings, such as one meeting from 1PM-2PM, then another one from 1:30PM-2:30PM on the same day.

Additional cost for audio (Optional): WebEx integrated audio allows users to connect by free Internet voice conferencing (VoIP), via phone, or by a call back to a number of your choice. When sending an account request, specify which audio options you would like to be enabled with the host account. Additional cost might occur and be billed separately to the host when users joined a session by phone. The host can select one or more audio options when scheduling a meeting:

Audio Options Cost
per minute, per user
How It Works
VoIP Free Using Internet connection and microphones.
Call-in (toll) $0.05 When enabled, a pop-up dialogue box automatically displays with the number when the attendee enters the meeting, along with voice prompt.
Call-in (toll-free) $0.12 Same as toll call-in.
Call back $0.12 When enabled, a pop-up dialogue box automatically displays when entering a meeting. Participants type in a phone number to receive a direct call from the voice conference.
Own number Free Host can provide their own teleconference number when scheduling a meeting.

Note: UMKC phones are charged for long-distance, non toll-free calls.

UMKC WebEx Portal: Users with host accounts can visit the site below and login to schedule and manage meetings:

Instructions And Tutorials

System Requirements
Overview of WebEx Meetings (HTML)
Overview of Key Features (HTML)

"How Do I" Videos:To learn how to use features within a WebEx service, click a topic of interest, such as Meeting Center, Training Center, etc. Each topic contains specific tutorials for how to set up a meeting, using the audio, and using in-session tools. Check some of the highlighted tutorials for the Meeting Center below:

Navigating Your WebEx Site (Video)
Using the Quick Scheduler (Video)
Using the Advanced Scheduler (Video)
Editing/Cancelling a Meeting (Video)
Navigating the meeting window (Video)
Using the Audio (Video)

WebEx Knowledge Base: Find articles by typing in a sentence that describes the problem, or just browse a list of articles.

Documentation: Find frequently asked questions for different service centers, release note and quick start guide for mobile devices.

WebEx is available on most mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android, and Windows 8 phones. Attendees can join by meeting number or a URL. It is not suggested to host a meeting with mobile devices due to the lack of advanced functions in the mobile version.

WebEx University: Obtain advanced and personalized training from the WebEx on-line training center.


UMKC Contact:

After Hours Technical Support: 866-569-3239 (Available 24/7)

WebEx Support Website

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