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Wimba Voice Tools

Voice is a web-based audio solution that facilitates and promotes vocal instruction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment.

Voice incorporates the use of threaded voice boards, voice-enabled email, embedded voice within course pages as well as live group discussions and debates which increase the interaction and student engagement level of any course.

There are five Voice tools:

  • Voice Authoring - record voice messages into your course
  • Voice Email - send vocal email messages and recipients reply by sending their own text or voice email response
  • Voice Board - create threaded voice discussions
  • Voice Presentation - create interactive lectures with web pages along with audio and text messages
  • Voice Podcaster - Upload audio from digitally recorded lectures or create your own podcast posts by recording directly

Instructors can use these tools to help facilitate and promote language learning, vocal instruction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment. Using Voice can increase students' engagement level and sense of interaction with the course material.

All users should run the Setup Wizard before using Voice Tools for the first time. This will ensure that you have a successful experience. Voice Setup Wizard

Note: If you get the error message "Applet should be there, but Blackboard Collaborate Voice server is down" while using Wimba Voice Tools, please visit the Wimba Voice Troubleshooting page for instructions on fixing the issue.

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