Kaltura to Panopto Changeover

Beginning June 1, 2021, Panopto will replace Kaltura as the supported media streaming and storage service. Kaltura will no longer be available for use. Faculty are encouraged to switch to Panopto for video creation as soon as possible.

Users can add media content to Kaltura until February 1, 2021, and Kaltura videos can be played throughout the Spring 2021 semester. All Kaltura videos that have been played at least once within the last two years will be copied over to the relevant campus instance of Panopto. Learn more about using Panapto with resources or register to join a workshop or help session.

Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Change

Beginning December 22, recordings saved to the Zoom Cloud will be retained for 60 days. Faculty should map their recordings to Panopto to retain them. Those recording Zoom events for purposes other than class meetings can download the cloud recordings, then save them on your computer or into Google Drive or One Drive.