Three visual art pieces were selected for display in the Chancellor's office; congratulations to Gregory Rose, Educational Program Coordinator Sr. for Human Development, Mallory Whitehouse, Academic Advisor for Roo Advising, and Emma Fahrlander, Strategic Communications Specialist for Marketing and Communications!

A very sincere and hearty thank you goes to all staff artists who participated in the show! Your talent, skill, and artistry are a credit to UMKC.

  • Steve Barnes (Financial Aid Advisor) - drawing and wood carving
  • Brizhana Ricks (Office Support Asst.III, National Office ATTCC) - digital art
  • Gregory Rose (Educational Program Coordinator Sr., Institute for Human Development) - photography art
  • Laura Ratliff (Nurse Practitioner, Counseling Center) - textile art
  • Mallory Whitehouse (Academic Advisor, Roo Advising) - digital art
  • Janette Martinez (Office Support Asst. IV, Dental Clinic - digital art
  • Emma Fahrlander (Strategic Communications Specialist, Marketing & Communications) - fiber art
  • Erin Gauer (Academic Advisor, Roo Advising) - watercolors/acrylic paintings
  • Kathleen Moburg (Student Service Coordinator Sr., Student Affairs) - acrylic/pastel/watercolor paintings
  • Bobbi Washecheck (Education Team Coordinator, School of Medicine) - singing "Folding Chair" by Regina Spektor
  • Jennifer Lyles (Academic Advisor, Roo Advising) - oil/acrylic paintings
  • Shakira Evans (Office Support Asst. IV, Roo Advising) - singing "Let It Burn" by Jasmine Sullivan
  • Julie Smith (Program Manager II Student Support Svd., Bloch School Business Administration) - mixed media

The show can still be viewed online.