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Web Print – How to Guide & Release a Print Job

The UMKC IS Labs Web Print service enables printing to UMKC IS Labs printers from any Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux device. Just log in to the Web Print website, upload your document, and swipe your One Card ID at the release station to release your print job. Web Printing uses your existing print quota and One Card account. Please see the below instructions on how to use this service.
  1. Go to Web Print here: and log in using your UMKC Username and password.

  2. Left-Click Web Print

    Web Print 1

  3. Left-Click Submit a Job

    Web Print 2

  4. Select the “UMKC IS Labs” printer and left-click Print Options and Account Selection

    Web Print 3

  5. Adjust number of copies to print and left-click Upload Document

    Web Print 4

  6. Left-Click Browse and select the file you would like to print – then click on Upload Complete

    Files must be in the following formats:
    - Microsoft Office Excel
    - Microsoft Office PowerPoint
    - Microsoft Office Word
    - PDF

  7. Web Print will upload the job and notify you when it’s ready to print with the status: “Held in a queue”

  8. At your convenience, go to any UMKC IS Print Release Station and swipe your UMKC One Card to log into the system to release your queued job. Jobs will be printed to the local lab printers.

Release a Print Job

  1. Go to one of the following UMKC IS Labs and sign in to a Print Release Station by swiping your UMKC One Card on the right of the monitor with the magnetic strip facing you.

    - Royall Hall Lab room 303

    - HSB Lab room 3304


  2. To release a job, select Print. To print all your waiting jobs from the current release station, select Print All. To remove a waiting job, select Cancel. To remove all your waiting jobs, select Cancel All.


  3. Once Print is selected, the queued job will print at that release station and disappear from the list. Appropriate charges will automatically deduct from your print quota. You may continue to print jobs or select Done to quit.


If you are having problems in any of the public labs please contact one of the Lab Student Assistants for help.

If student assistants are unavailable in your lab you may also contact the UMKC IS Call Center for assistance.


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