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Fall Semester 2017 General Use Computer Lab Hours 8/21/2017 - 12/15/2017 
Bloch School (Room 110)
Monday9:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Tuesday9:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Wednesday9:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Thursday9:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Friday9:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Health Sciences Building (Room 3304)
Monday7:30:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Tuesday7:30:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Wednesday7:30:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Thursday7:30:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Friday7:30:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Miller Nichols Library (2nd Floor)
Sunday1:00:00 PM10:45:00 PM
Monday7:30:00 AM10:45:00 PM
Tuesday7:30:00 AM10:45:00 PM
Wednesday7:30:00 AM10:45:00 PM
Thursday7:30:00 AM10:45:00 PM
Friday7:30:00 AM5:45:00 PM
Saturday11:00:00 AM5:45:00 PM
Royal Hall (Room 303)
Monday8:00:00 AM9:00:00 PM
Tuesday8:00:00 AM9:00:00 PM
Wednesday8:00:00 AM9:00:00 PM
Thursday8:00:00 AM9:00:00 PM
Friday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Student Union (Room 210)
Sunday12:00:00 PM5:00:00 PM
Monday8:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Tuesday8:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Wednesday8:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Thursday8:00:00 AM8:00:00 PM
Friday8:00:00 AM5:00:00 PM
Saturday12:00:00 PM5:00:00 PM
The Student Union room 210 computer lab will be closed for the Labor Day holiday from Saturday, September 2 - Monday, September 4.
School of Computing and Engineering Departmental Labs (For SCE Students Only)
(Flarsheim Hall rooms 364, 460, 462, 463, and 464)
Note: the School of Computing and Engineering computer labs are departmental labs meant to only be used by students majoring in Engineering and Computer Science. Please visit one of the general use student computer labs if you are not enrolled in either of those programs.
Sunday12:00:00 PM10:00:00 PM
Monday7:30:00 AM11:00:00 PM
Tuesday7:30:00 AM11:00:00 PM
Wednesday7:30:00 AM11:00:00 PM
Thursday7:30:00 AM11:00:00 PM
Friday7:30:00 AM6:00:00 PM
Saturday12:00:00 PM6:00:00 PM

If you are having problems in any of the public labs please contact one of the Lab Student Assistants for help.

If student assistants are unavailable in your lab you may also contact the UMKC Call Center for assistance.