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UMKC IS Advisory Council

The UMKC IS Advisory Council is comprised of a representative from each academic unit. In general, this representative is the chair of the unit’s IT Operations Committee or whomever has been designated as the primary point of contact. The group meets every semester.

Additionally, the UMKC IT Liaisons also represent their academic units and this group meets monthly. The UMKC IT Liaisons are comprised of technical staff from each unit. Meeting notes are located on the IS website.

UMKC IS Advisory Council Representatives

Department Name
Bloch School of Management Mary Morgan
College of Arts & Sciences Michael Kruger
Conservatory of Music Jane Allen
School of Biological Sciences Gerald Wyckoff
School of Computing & Engineering Deep Medhi
School of Dentistry Bill Marse
School of Education Carol Sargent
School of Law Michael Robak
School of Medicine Paul Cuddy
School of Nursing Joy Roberts
School of Pharmacy Jeremy Hampton
University Libraries Bonnie Postlethwaite