Cadence Texting Platform at UMKC


Cadence is an SMS communication platform that allows UMKC departments to have meaningful, two-way conversations with students. The Cadence Dashboard can be accessed from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Cadence allows for the flexibility of contacting individuals or groups via unlimited text messaging without having to have a dedicated mobile device.

One of the benefits of using Cadence is the ability to engage in a two-way communication experience for recipients, which is different than broadcasting a one-way message to individuals.

Cadence supports emojis and multimedia content, bringing branding and personalization to your messages.


Cadence is fully funded by Information Services so there are no additional costs for individual departments or groups. This includes an unlimited number of texts and associated numbers.

What is a Cadence Team?

A Cadence Team is a select group of people that have access to a particular set of information within Cadence. Multiple teams can exist within one UMKC department or unit and can share that department's contacts and data.

Teams are used for:
  • Monitoring and responding to messages in a single inbox.
  • Viewing the conversation history of messages sent from your team.
  • Tracking and reporting on campaign activity.
  • Setting and managing inbox autoreplies.

Getting Started

To request access to Cadence, please submit a ticket to the UMKC IS Technology Support Center or email A representative from Information Services will work with Cadence to get the process started.

Once you have access to Cadence, each team admin can set up accounts, inboxes, import contacts, and access training. You can learn more about the features that Cadence offers on their New User Guide.

Cadence Support

Cadence Support is available by emailing or via chat bot within the Cadence Dashboard. Cadence support provides many services such as:

  • Troubleshooting recipients not receiving messages.
  • Recalling unsent messages that contain errors.
  • Managing contacts and data for your team.
  • Setting up forwarding numbers to reach active phones.
Helpful Links
  • What is Cadence - A short video introduction to the Cadence Texting Platform.
  • Cadence Resources - Webinars, Case Studies, Guides, and Texting Templates all in one convenient location.
  • Podcasts - A forum with higher ed experts on trending news, technology considerations, student engagement tips, and more.
  • Demo - A quick Demo showing how to send your first messages with Cadnce.

If you have questions, need to report an IT issue, request a new IT service, or require additional help please visit