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All residential rooms have high-speed Ethernet ports that can be used for Internet access while on campus. Additionally, most common areas (lounges, dining halls, etc.) have wireless Internet access available. The most recent campus map of wireless locations can be viewed here.

Services & Rates

All requests for Internet access accounts for summer conferences must come from the conference organizer or a designated UMKC faculty or staff member. Rates for Internet access are as follows (per account):

  • $30 per week, or
  • $90 for the entire summer

Technical services include the following items:

  • A temporary UMKC single sign-on account for each participant.
  • Availability to the UMKC IS Technology Support Center for questions and problem resolution (during normal hours of operation). Please visit the Technology Support Center web page for the current hours of operation.

Important Notes

Important notes for conference organizers:

  • University affiliated conference organizers are expected to coordinate all Internet access fees from participants along with initial SSO account and password information. IS will only accept MoCodes from conference organizers for Internet access- no cash or checks will be accepted. Participants with account and password questions or problems can contact the IS Technology Support Center (816.235.2000) with questions.
  • Large requests for Internet access should be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of conference.
  • Conference organizers should communicate to participants the importance of having their computers updated with the most current security patches and updates prior to arriving on campus. This will help visitors get connected more rapidly.
  • Internet connectivity in the dorm rooms will require a network cable; wireless connectivity is available in the common areas.

Requesting Summer Conference Accounts For UMKC Affiliated Summer Conferences

To register your group for Internet access accounts, please download and complete the Summer Conference Account Request Sheet. The following information is necessary for each account requested:

  1. First and last name of each person needing an account
  2. Date span that the accounts will need to be active
  3. The name and email address of an event sponsor
    Note: The event sponsor will recieve a list of usernames and passwords once the accounts are created- this person will then be responsible for distributing the account information
  4. A MoCode to charge for account creation

Once you have this information, please forward it via email to the IS Technology Support Center at