Faculty Web Site

Web Information for Faculty

    What: The faculty web pages are set up at the same time as your Exchange/single sign-on account is created. Your Exchange account name is used to edit your web page.

    Where: The pages are maintained on servers managed by Information Services, Central Systems

    How much Storage: The quota is 120MB.

    To access and edit your web files, you can use SharePoint Designer, FTP, or from network drive share.

    • Your faculty web site URL is formatted as:

    • Host server name: {Lettergroup}

    • FTP access from your browser click on the link:

    • Network drive access: N:\web\{Lettergroup}\{ExchangeAccountName}

    • {Lettergroup} is the first letter of your exchange account name e.g. Lecturer Kasey Roo has account name ROOK, her Lettergroup would be R.

      • Kasey's entries would appear as:
        Web site location is at
        FTP access:

        Network drive access: N:\web\r\rook

    For SharePoint Designer editing, click on File -> Open Site or Open Web then type in the web location (URL) of your web site.

    SharePoint Designer is available free of charge to UMKC faculty and staff as part of the MS Campus Agreement. It can be easily deployed to your computer (via SCCM) by contacting the Call Center (x2000) or your IT Liaison.

By placing web pages on this site, you are consenting to all acceptable use policies in place at UMKC.