Reporting Problem Email via Microsoft Outlook 2000

This site is only for reporting problem email received at UMKC or originating from UMKC.  If you have other email abuse problems, contact your Internet Service Provider, for spam, or for threats, your local law enforcement.

If you are using Outlook on campus, and only want to report your spam to the UMKC Exchange Administrators, please click here.

You can use the following procedure for reporting any problem email to any authority via Microsoft Outlook 2000.

See also the general information: Responding to Problem Email.

Simply forwarding a note or printing it does not typically include information essential for tracing the origin of the note. The following demonstration shows how to reveal this important "header" information and forward it for expert investigation.

1. Select the message to view and open it with a double-click.

2. Select the View menu item "Options".  


3. The resulting window displays Internet headers in a scrolling area:

Highlighted above are clues that may allow tracing of the note, identifying the originating Internet address ( in this illustration) and the time and time zone the note arrived at its first stop. Each computer that handles the note puts a Received: line in the front of existing headers. Thus the Received: lines lowest in the list indicate the origin. However, a sender may insert bogus Received lines or may use a proxy connection or a compromised email server. Hence, a proper analysis may require expert inspection and data from server logs.

5. Select all text in the Headers: area: Click in the Headers text area and press Ctrl+A (hold the Ctrl key and press the A key). All header text should now be highlighted, as above.

6. Copy the highlighted text by pressing Ctrl+C.

7. Close the window by pressing the Close button.

8. Forward the note: Click on the Forward button Forward Button, or select the Actions menu item "Forward". The body of the original note will appear in the resulting compose window.

9. Click at the start of the note text, before "-----Original Message-----".

10. Paste at this point the headers you copied: Press Ctrl+V.

11. Scroll back up to the top of the note. Type information identifying yourself, how to contact you, and any questions. Include any pertinent information, such as if you have received other such notes.


12. Fill in the "To..." field with the email address to which the report is to be sent. For UMKC members, this is "" as above.

13. Send the note: Press the Send button, or select File menu item "Send".

UMKC Information Services should acknowledge your note within one business day. If a note threatens violence to persons or property, you may want to contact the UMKC Police Department, 816-235-1515.


(Revised 3 October 2002)