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UMKC's Dropbox is an online tool for users to exchange files easily without the size restriction of an Email system.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I've lost my password, what do I do?

    A: Off-campus users (those without a email address) need to visit the Dropbox password reset page (also linked at the bottom of the login page). On-campus users (those with a email address) need to visit this web page for details on resetting your password.

    Q: How long does the file stay on the system?

    A: After 1 month the file(s) will be automatically deleted.

    Q: What type of files can I send?

    A: Any files except for those with extension of exe, vbs, pif, scr, bat, cmd, com, and cpl.
        If you need to send these files, please be sure to compressed the files into an archive such as Zip or RAR.

    Q: Can I send to a listserv mailing list?

    A: Mailing lists cannot be used due to security concerns. Please use individual recipient email addresses.

    Q: Can I use my Email address aliases?

    A: If you have more than one Email address alias, please have the sender use your primary account address (your

    Q: Can users outside of the UMKC domain use Dropbox?

    A: Outside contacts can send files to you once they have registered on the site. To register an outside contact, you first need to send them a file. They will receive an email containing a link to validate the account. Once validated, they will then need to create a password. Outside contact can only send files to UMKC internal mailboxes only.