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UMKC's Dropbox is an online tool for users to exchange files easily without the size restriction of an Email system. This guide will describe the process of uploading and sending a file through the Dropbox Service.

Accessing Dropbox

To access Dropbox, navigate your browser to For domain users, please login using your UMKC SSO ID and password. For non-domain users, please use your email address to login. If it is your first time using UMKC's Dropbox you will have the opportunity to create a password (following a confirmation email).

Login Box


Once you log into dropbox, there will be four navigational and a logout button on the top of the page. Next we will highlight the functions of each of the four tabs.

Login Box


The Messages tab lists all available current files you have available. Files will remain in the Messages page for one month before being archived. Archived messages are only visible via the Message Log tab.


The Compose tab will display a form for sending files. The “add cc” and “add bcc” buttons can add two additional fields if they are needed. The first three fields, To, Subject, Attachments, are required. To add files to the message, click on “browse” under Attachments. To select multiple files, highlight more than one file in the “File Upload” window.
Once you have filled all fields appropriately and have uploaded your file or files, click on the “Send” button to send a download link to the email(s) listed under the To, cc, and/or bcc fields.

Login Box

Message Log

The Message Log tab holds messages, both sent and received, that have expired from the Messages tab. You will not be able to download files that have expired.


The Account tab allows you to change the language of your dropbox page and set a timezone for message dates and times.


This will log you out of the Dropbox system.