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Account Request Forms

There are two types of accounts you can request through Information Services, a guest account and a resource account. A department can request a Courtesy Appointment for accounts that are outside of these two account types by working with their respective HR representative.

Guest account

A guest account is a UMKC account for a single person who does not already have an existing UMKC account. This allows the person to only log on to UMKC's wireless networks and to UMKC computers.

Guest accounts do have some restrictions, including the below:

  • Cannot have a UMKC email address.
  • Do not have access to Jabber, Teams, or Canvas.
  • Restricted to 90 days from the date of creation.
  • Cannot be renewed.

Resource account

A resource account is a shared account for UMKC groups, units, or departments for University-related use.

  • Can have a UMKC email address and Jabber for a $35 annual fee, with Fiscal Officer approval.
  • Valid for 1 year from the date of creation.
  • Can be renewed for additional years.

Guest or Resource Account Request Form

Please follow this link for information regarding guest accounts for Summer Conferences.

Software Request/Order Forms

Software forms are only for faculty and staff use.

Test & Questionnaire Scanning Forms

Other/Miscellaneous Forms