Digital Signage at UMKC


Information Services has signed a campus-wide agreement with Four Winds Interactive (FWi) to provide a flexible, easy-to-use platform for departments to manage their visual communications. Whether you have an existing SCALA system to replace or are thinking about purchasing new digital signage, take a look at the bundled set of services and associated costs listed below.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a way of electronically displaying information in public spaces on campus. A digital sign consists of a display device, a wall mounted LCD screen, and a computer that will play back content.

Digital signage reduces clutter and improves the viewer experience with a consistent and targeted visual communication. Departments are able to showcase campus services, upcoming events, accomplishments, activities, and more.

Most digital signage is static so that there is no interaction between the viewer and the screen. However Four Winds software does have interactive capabilities so that a viewer can then actively select information on the screen that would allow them to search for specific information such as a location of a department. This technique is called way-finding and requires a touch-screen monitor and some design work.


Information Services has streamlined the process for acquiring digital signage on campus. Departments simply request a consultation with IS to outline their new signage needs and IS will manage the design and installation aspects of the project going forward (initial project costs are funded by the unit).   Once the new system is up and running, it is this enrolled in the IS Signage Support Program an ongoing support, maintenance, equipment lifecycle are covered by IS.  See below for what is included for a typical system enrolled in the Signage Support Program.

To request a new digital sign or transition your current SCALA system, please submit a ticket to the UMKC IS Technology Support Center or email If you need a custom solution please email Someone from IS will be in touch with you to start the process.

Standard Signage Support Coverage = $975 (charged annually)

Includes the following equipment and services from Information Services:

  • Four Winds Software License
    • Initial training on Four Winds Interactive software from IS
    • Software support from Four Winds
  • Dedicated content player PC
    • With warranty and built in life cycle replacement as part of the annual fee
    • Operating system and image support and maintenance for the personal computer
  • (1) 42” display (typically wall mounted)
    • With built in life cycle replacement as part of the annual fee
    • One piece of mounting hardware for display
    • Options for larger monitors, multiple monitor, or touchscreens setups are available
      • IS will quote for the differential price between the base package the upgrades requested
  • Complete hardware/software support and maintenance for the monitor and related equipment
  • UMKC and local community Four Winds support group

Signage Content

  • Each division/unit is responsible for creating and maintaining their own content. The basic steps to creating a Digital Sign are straightforward. The software allows for you to use various types of data such as PDF files, PowerPoint presentation, Flash files, Video, RSS feeds, Images, Text, and more.
  • UMKC has access to a number of free data feeds/subscriptions that clients can use.
  • Some feed/subscriptions are not free. If a unit chooses to purchase these feeds, the costs would add it to their annual fee.
  • When warranted, UMKC leadership may utilize UMKC Signage Service displays for emergency notifications.
  • UMKC Signage Service displays may receive limited standard UMKC programming from Strategic Marketing and Communications in the future as this service develops.
    • The timing/amount of programming will be reviewed prior to distribution.



If you are having any other issues with Digital Signage please contact the UMKC IS Support Center by phone at 816.235.2000 or email at or submit your request online.