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There are multiple UMKC campus and UM System-wide resources available to researchers at UMKC.

UMKC Information Services Resources

  • Joey - A high-performance parallel computing cluster comprised of 6 quad-socket quad-core 3GHz Intel Xeon physical compute nodes (96 hyperthreaded logical processors total) with 148 GB of memory per node, as well as a head node for user interaction and job control. Joey runs the latest version of OpenHPC atop CentOS Linux and includes MPICH, OpenMPI, the R statistical computing environment, the SLURM job queueing manager, MySQL database utilities, BLAS, LAPACK, Perl/PHP/Python/C programming environments, SciPy scientific computing library, MatPlotLib, support for HDF4/5 data format, and ImageMagick raster and vector image processing software. Additional software can be made available upon request.
  • Sirius - A CentOS Linux virtual server intended to support long-duration compute-bound processes, configured with 8 processors, 64 GB of memory and 1.7 TB of local disk. Supported software includes MPICH and OpenMPI (Message Passing Interface), BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms), LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package), the R statistical computing environment, web-based RStudio Server, Perl/Ruby/PHP/Python/C programming environments, and a MySQL database environment.

UMKC Center for Health Insights (CHI) Resources

  • REDCap - A browser-based, metadata-driven software solution and workflow methodology for designing clinical and translational research databases. More Info Here
  • i2b2 - UMKC Center for Health Insights has partnered with Truman Medical Center to allow access to de-identified data imputed from their Electronic Health Record System. More Info Here
  • Insights Cluster - The Insights platform was built to provide a scientific computing environment for the analysis of several proprietary and public databases with potentially sensitive health information. The Insights platform hosts the Cerner Health Facts™ database, which stores de-identified data derived from electronic health records (EHRs) for about 46 million patients, over 6 billion records in several dozen tables. The platform's virtual server infrastructure is comprised of a high-performance remote desktop multi-user Windows 2012 workstation hosting SAS and R/RStudio tied to two high-performance Oracle database servers, backed by a combined total of 184 logical processors (2.0-2.3GHz) and 1.75TB RAM from two dedicated VMWare ESX physical hosts, as well as a Nimble hybrid disk array providing 25TB raw capacity for fast data warehouse storage and retrieval. All UMKC biomedical researchers can request projects utilizing these resources. More Info Here

UMKC Geospatial Resources

  • Geospatial Cluster - A resource for geospatial-related research needs comprised of a dedicated VMWare ESX physical host with 64 logical processors (2GHz) and 64GB RAM hosting multiple virtual servers.
  • Geospatial Storage - In partnership with the Office of Research Services, 24TB of storage is available dedicated to geospatial data sets.

UM System-wide Resources

  • General Purpose Research Storage (GPRS) - 10GB of storage is available free, and additional storage can be purchased at $10/TB/month
  • Researcher-Managed Backup Storage (RMBS) - Intended for infrequently-accessed backups, not primary storage, this service costs $120/TB for 5 years (min. 1TB) and is available to anyone in the UM System.
  • MU Research Computing Services systems - a heterogeneous computing environment hosting a number of general and specialized clusters. The environment consists of more than 5200 cores and 52 TB of RAM that has access to 700 TB of dedicated research data storage (Isilon) and 1 PB of General Purpose Research Storage (Isilon), which is accessible on the cluster and across campus. The cluster is connected to the Internet2 AL2S SDN network at 100Gigabits. Details available here.


If you require support with an existing service, would like to request a new service, or wish to report an outage, please contact the IS Technology Support Center.