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Direct Access for Windows

Safe Computing

If your university Windows laptop is a member of the UMKC-USERS domain, you already have easy access to computing resources on campus via Microsoft Direct Access. This technology simplifies the process of connecting to file shares and desktop PCs (via Remote Desktop Connection) when you are working off campus.

For example, Direct Access allows Remote Desktop connections directly to an on-campus computer without configuring Remote Desktop Gateway settings. (The on-campus computer must be running Windows Vista or later.) Direct Access also allows compatible computers off campus to connect to IPv6 enabled file shares directly without using VPN. (This requires the file server to be running Windows 2008 or later.)

Windows 7 computers that are members of the UMKC-USERS domain but were setup on home networks before November 2011 will need additional configuration. The wireless network connection on the computer will need to be deleted and re-added to the computer. Once done, this will allow the computer to connect to wireless during startup as opposed to only when the user logs on to the computer.

If you have questions or need assistance with using Direct Access, please contact the Technology Support Center or your IT Liaison as appropriate.